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Ororo heads to Egypt to pick up Remy and Sarah - it seems Amanda wasn't joking when she said they needed a little help.

I have never been so happy to see a familiar face in my life. )

Sarah sleeps and Remy and Ororo talk. How do you solve a problem like Illyana?

Your luck is finally returning, it seems. )
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Africa is a cruel country; it takes your heart and grinds it into powdered stone - and no one minds.” -Elspeth Huxley

X-Force - and a special guest - take on the facility in Uganda to retrieve the files Vazhin asked for. It does not go according to plan.

That makes things more complicated. )
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Logan comes to save Sarah from the horrors of working too hard. They wind up giving each other some food for thought. Backdated to 4/7/2007

I think you are my hero. Even if you've pissed off all my sleeping neighbors. )
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Last Monday, Sarah and Angelo chat after a sparring session. There's a bit of reminiscing, and some discussion about the current state of their lives.

...now that's just all backward. Since when did anybody ever do anythin' respectable when they were drunk? )
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Back in March, after Sarah loses her "Special Friend", Logan comes over to make sure Sarah quits pouting. Things get violent, but it actually helps. Is anyone surprised by this?

There were basically two ways to get through to Sarah - either you talked her in circles for hours until she let something slip or else you got her attention the more direct way. )
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Angelo goes to the brownstone and ends up no-holds-barred sparring with Sarah. Then they adjourn to her apartment. These two have a very... special relationship.

I want a few bruises from my sparring, thank you very much. )
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Remy collects his parcel. It's kind of disastrous.

'Merde'? Merde doesn't sound good. )

Following that conversation with Moira, Remy has news for the X-Force team. As usual, it's not good.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Infection. )

OOC: Many apologies for the delay. It's all the Yellow Griffin's fault.
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After a night out, Sarah and Angelo do "not-a-couple" stuff. This doesn't look much different from "couple" stuff, but hey.

Hush. Don't argue when I'm gloating. )
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X-Force invade China. With a little bit of help from some unexpected quarters.

The Chinese are less picky about the death penalty than your country, American. )

In the barracks, things get bloody as Pete, Remy and Sarah make sure there are no nasty surprises for the rest of the team.

Shout if anyone else tries to kill you. )

Whilst mayhem is being wrecked elsewhere, Mark, Marie-Ange and Wanda are on security detail.

And so far, the imp has not gotten lasered, cut to bits, burnt or squashed, so I believe we are safe. )

Down in Xorn's containment area, things get seriously trippy. And Betsy gets to stab people in the brain.

It will be difficult, but we have heard that you are great. )

An ending. A pilgrimage is begun, and it's suggested Essex might have been a little over-dramatic in his assessment.

He took no notice of the wind or the cold, stepping out on to the frozen ground and walking away. )
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Sunday afternoon, Sarah and Clarice bump into each other out on the lawn. They swap stories, and make plans to cause trouble clubbing like they used to. Sarah is such a bad influence.

I fought ninjas and cut a guys hand off and made him go fetch it. Don't tell anyone. )
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Early Sunday morning, Angelo is awoken by a nightmare. It seems the events in Smichov aren't just fading, but thankfully he has some friends nearby - who happen to have their first meeting under unusual circumstances.

If sometimes dreams come true, then what of our nightmares? )
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With Eddie’s help, the Junior Trench Coats find Josh and demand to know what he did. And then come the demons.

Talk to me. What just led to that little explosion of British profanity? )

The Warwolves attack, and it’s time for these kids to fend off yet another demon invasion.

And...enter the giant silver werewolves. )

Doug and Amanda finally figure out how to defeat the Warwolves. It’s just like magic for the cure to be worse than the affliction.

I was just so angry... but I didn't want them dead, not really! I just wanted them to leave me alone! )

Josh single-handedly eliminates the threat.

Will you tell them I'm sorry? The families? )

(Much gratitude to Erin for socking Josh for us!)
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Before this log, Sarah goes to the Fredericks public library to find out what she can about the werewolf problem, and makes a new "friend".

Not like you, dear. You seem very stable to me. Just like my Mary... )


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