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He goes down to see her, with cigarettes and puppy. There's some angst, but it's all resolved in the end, as slightly premature goodbyes are said and she promises to keep in touch. As well as future clubbing trips.

Come on in, but leave your pitchfork outside. )
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Amanda comes down to Sarah's room bearing cigarettes and a couple of going away presents. Sarah reminisces a bit, a destination is decided, and some plans are made to try and go out before she leaves.

Well, I'd ask yer t' pack me an' all, but I'd be a bitch t' get through Customs. )
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last Tuesday Clarice stumbles into Sarah's room on her way to the elevator and they have a delusional chat. Clarice finally gets some sleep.

you're trying to trick me by moving the elevator, aren't you? )
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Halloween. The kids of Xavier's are partying on at the 'Neon' nightclub in Salem Center, when the party is crashed.

Featuring: Amanda, Manuel, Jubilee, Illyana, Sarah, Paige, Angelo, Terry, Alex, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Doug. With guest appearances by Madelyn and Bethany.

OOC: Many, many thanks to everyone involved in this monster series of logs. Great work, team.

Warning: This is rather long, folks. I've broken it up a bit, but any more and I'd lose the flow. Hold onto your hats. :)

I'm comin' up/ So you better get this party started… )
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Sarah's having a bad day. When she and Angelo spar, it shows. Gratuitous violence, but no real injuries.

At this point she was just looking to be aggressive, injury or no. )
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After this, Betsy goes to find Sarah. She finds her chain-smoking on the porch, and they have a little chat. Somehow she ends up offering to teach Sarah to drive. In Eleanor. No really.

It's the same face. )
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Wednesday. In Istanbul. Dom's wearing a fedora, Sarah doesn't get it. They trade jabs, and Dom's sense of delicacy makes a rare appearance. Mostly fluff, with a tiny bit of angst because it's Sarah.

So.  About that stupid hat of yours. )
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Sarah's mellow, and Amanda's having a rough week. Vodka is consumed, and somehow Sarah comes up with some words of wisdom before Amanda finally falls asleep.

Just need t' rest me eyes is all... )
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Sarah confesses to Shinobi where she's been all weekend, and who she's been with. There's cuddling and talks of taking a trip to Japan. Sarah has no idea what she wants anymore.

So how dead is he now? )
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An extremely long log that following Remy and Sarah from immediately following Remy's breakout to late Saturday evening.

Revenge Ain't Necessarily Redemption )
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Two Terrible Two finally get it together long enough for a smoke and a talk. For once it's Sarah who's the fragile one.

Apropos of nothing )
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After seeing his new room, Jono flees straight to Sarah. They catch up on things.

It's the school changing to meet the needs of our sex lives. )

And later the same night. Jono can't sleep so enter Paige. They discuss things. Much the same things that have already been discussed before.

And that will be their last mistake. Evil cackle here. )
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Sunday night, well after Madelyn and Nate have cleared out of medlab from this log, it's Sarah's turn to get her battle wounds tended to. Cecilia comes across her trying to do it herself on the front stoop, and more or less hangs around and bothers her until Sarah caves and agrees to let her help. Cecilia: 2 - Stubborn Teenagers - 0.

What the hell are you doing? )
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Sunday afternoon. Sarah and Nathan meet in the mat room to spar. Sarah uses the bones, he uses the TK, and eventually they're both throwing around the benches. Sarah doesn't get frustrated, and Nathan is pleased. Moira is going to kill them both.

Wherein our heroes are both in the dark. No really. )
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On his way out of the Danger Room, Nathan finds out that Sarah's a woman of her word. Of course, it doesn't go precisely as she planned, but she gets a rather surprising offer out of it.

A long-awaited ambush... )
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Nathan's having a slightly more civilized conversation with a punching bag when Sarah tracks him down to ask him some questions about what he thinks he can do to help Jono. Nathan is very forthright about answering. Marvel at the near-total lack of hostility! And there's no hitting! (Well, except the punching bag, but he deserved it.)

You know if you break that one, I'll be forced to start ambushing you in the hallways for fun, right? )


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