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Sarah confesses to Shinobi where she's been all weekend, and who she's been with. There's cuddling and talks of taking a trip to Japan. Sarah has no idea what she wants anymore.

So how dead is he now? )
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They sit in the kitchen and talk over food. Shinobi's prospective trip to Japan is discussed, among other things.

I will have to see when I can go. With classes, it's a little tricky. )
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Monday afternoon, Wanda is released from medlab, and ventures down to the kitchen to get some food before going to see Charles. Shinobi comes in for food after classes, and the two take a moment to bond over megalomaniacal fathers, and have a friendly chat about family.

My father is a twisted megalomaniac - ask me how! )
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Shinobi comes along to lend his good taste to the search for the right diamond for Moira's ring. Nathan doesn't want right, he wants perfect.

What do you think, old man? Want the shiny? )
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They talk at the party, and end up making a deal to hammer certain things into each other's heads when needed.

As horrible as it is, it feels nice to be surrounded by money for a night. )
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Monday, before dinner, Shinobi and Nate descend upon the Danger Room to get some training in. Progress is made in finding things Shinobi needs to work on, in terms of maintaining his focus.

This is going to take a while. )
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Tuesday afternoon, after the fallout from a couple posts, Paul goes to check in on Shinobi, who has decided to hide in his room until it is no longer Tuesday. Hank, seeking sane company of his own, then proceeds to find them in bed together.

It isn't as if I'd have said *no*. )
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Set well before this log. Scott is enraged over the incident in Angelo's journal. Shinobi brings him good news. Scott is cheered up. Shinobi is devious.

Canada's looking rather good, isn't it? )
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Sunday afternoon, Shinobi gathers up his guts goes down to the basement to finally talk to Sarah.

If it wasn't my fight, you shouldn't have let me help at all. )
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Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Alex is having trouble sleeping, and goes to the rec room to watch TV without risking waking up his suitemates. Shinobi's there already, watching a movie. They talk about American censors butchering perfectly good cinema, the evils of Teddy Ruxpin, and eventually touch upon the fight with Lorna.

One thing my father did right, I suppose. Never gave me a Teddy Ruxpin. )
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"Happens?  You get that fixed yet, or you still working on it?"Read more... )

Paul and Shinobi are off to look at the rental property for the formal party they're throwing.  Shinobi gets a little morose in the music room and ends up obliquely discussing his relationship with Sarah.  At the end, he resolves to talk to her and he and Paul agree that after the fact, they'll go for a drive to wherever Shinobi's of legal drinking age and sit down and maybe Paul will be a little more forthcoming about the part of his past that lets him empathize with what Shinobi's going through.
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Angelo finds a pensive Shinobi out on the smoker's porch. They talk - a lot. About Jono, about themselves, and about Boston. The smoker's porch once again proves that it can get these two to stop bottling better than Doctor Samson can. Go figure.

Patches just aren't the same, are they? )
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Following this meeting with Manuel, Nathan drags Shinobi out for that game of pool they owe each other. They talk, Shinobi is very good and doesn't make eyes for an alcoholic beverage (though Nate does call him on a cigarette), and large amounts of cute ensue.

I think supervillains take December off. )
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Shinobi brings lunch, as promised, up to Moira so they can talk about his powers training. She realizes that something's not quite right but can't figure it out. So she decides to pry a little and make sure he's okay. And there are hermit crabs. Or soon to be hermit crabs.

Ooo...hermit crabs! )
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First thing in the morning, Nathan stops by to see Shiro. Shiro isn't precisely pleased that Nathan was in contact with his mind on Friday, or with Nathan's attempt to empathize with him. But he does listen.

To be or not to be. )

Afterwards, Nathan retreats to the quarry to see if he can aggravate his sprained brain. No, really. Haroun drops in and the two of them talk. Haroun apologizes rather gracefully and tries to reach out to Nathan, who isn't having any.

We'll help you if you'll let us. )

On his way back inside, Nathan runs into Shinobi, who is concerned and winds up echoing some of what Haroun said. Nathan is equally unreceptive. They discuss playing pool.

I walked into a door. No, a tree. )
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Scott stops by to see Shinobi, who has a surprise for him and something of a grand plot for Halloween.

Ah-hah. Brown coat. )
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Who: Shinobi Shaw, Manuel de la Rocha
Where: Shinobi's Room
When: Saturday evening
What Happens: Manuel goes to talk to the closest thing he has to a friend about the situation with Amanda and Angelo.

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold )
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The Parade'O'Visitors continues. Shinobi stops by to check in on Nathan. Nathan lends him his favorite book. They agree there will be pool, once Nathan is no longer falling asleep at the drop of a hat. And Nathan reveals that he might be taking a more reasonable approach to the aftermath of his ordeal than most people who knew him well might have expected. Set before these logs.

Since I can't say what I want to say without falling asleep, I'm going to... lend you a book! )
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Paul drops in on Shinobi to see how his teammate is mending.  They talk about Shinobi's power, training, and serious things.  And then at some point... well, they were discussing Emma, so it's to be expected... they get onto the topic of parties and make plans to throw one.  Then Shinobi brings up the subject of going clubbing.  Plans are made to steal all Scott's pants.  So much planning to do, so little time!

They are good boys. Innocent, and as pure as.. something really pure. Coal? Yeah, that. )
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After visiting with Nate and working out some of her frustration with Cecilia's help, Domino stops by to see one of the week's casualties she hadn't checked on yet. Shinobi doesn't mind the hugging at all.

She has a certain weakness for the ones that look at her like kicked puppies. )


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