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As Shiro is searching for Alex, Alex realizes a fault in the machine containing him...

How did I know that you would be involved with this? )


An enraged Pele tracks the boys down before they can reach safety. Shiro takes out his anger on her while Alex comes up with a plan to stop her once and for all.

This had to work. This had to end...now. )
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Laurie uses her powers to sooth a drunk from a wedding party as she helps load people onto the boats.

I wanna complain 'bout these bastards, making us leave a perfectly good party, ruining my bud's wedding... )


Clarice is sent to bring some people who are resistant to the evac down whether they like it or not. In the end, she's not sure who succeeded.

Why don't you run along and take care of the people who want and need your help? )


Crystal reflects on her second assignment with Red X after helping a particularly testy woman

I need more privacy. I demand to be taken to a less crowded location. )


Shiro is helping to evacuate the dorms at the University of Hawaii as he gets frustrated not being able to get ahold of Alex. Jared comes to find him to tell him that Alex hasn't come back from helping Dr. Rocca and now he's worried.

Pick up the damn phone, Alex )
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Shiro goes down to the infirmary to get some medicine from Dr. Voght, and is frightened by what he discovers.

Mr. Yoshida. You look unwell. )
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Backdated to earlier Tuesday afternoon. Shiro goes to check up on Yoshi, and is not happy by what he sees. Unfortunately for him, it might be the last time he sees anything like it.

No no no, man. I’m just sick, is all. Hepatitis will do that to you. )
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Backdated to Thursday afternoon. Shiro has a lunch meeting with his friend Yoshi, who doesn't show. After a little bit of searching, Shiro finds him in the same situation he was in last week. And this time, he learns the truth and tries to help.

When I'm Kicking, it's like everything's turned up . . . It unlocks potential. )
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After another short, yet different, phone call from Lorna, Alex needs some reassuring from his best friend.

It's nice that you called at a reasonable hour this time. )
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On the way back from Hungary, Nathan thanks Shiro for saving his life. The two of them have something that doesn't just pass for a civil conversation, but actually is.

Thanks for playing catch. )


Aug. 16th, 2005 04:59 pm
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The Blackbird arrives in Hungary and is greeted by Istvan Barath, the Minister of Mutant Affairs and an old friend of Charles. He has some less-than-good news for Scott and Ororo about how the police are handling their cornered serial killer.

When bureaucracy works against you... )

At the apartment building where Veres/Nimrod has been cornered, the X-Men begin to search as the police finally begin to evacuate the tenants. Kurt perhaps wishes for an image inducer.

How do you say 'I am not a demon' in Hungarian? )

On another floor, Wanda finds herself in perfect position to react when Veres finally reveals himself. Not all the tenants on that floor have been evacuated, and Wanda has to resort to some risky tactics to protect the innocent.

An incompetent landlord is sometimes a good thing. )

So what did happen to knock out the X-Men's telepathic switchboard? Also, Bobby and Shiro, along as trainee observers, get a chance to step in and perform under pressure.

The tale of a ballistic coatrack... )

Final confrontation-time. Things do not go well for Scott, who's the first to find Veres after he gets away from Wanda, but with the addition of Haroun and Kylun to the equation, the balance shifts. Still, Veres doesn't go down easily.

The hunter at bay. (Eventually.) )
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Earlier this morning, Cain meets Shiro in the DR locker rooms. As Shiro unwinds and Cain prepares for his training, they discuss leadership, and the Juggernaut gives Shiro some things to consider.

Besides, if I was the leader, who'd be left for me to piss off? )
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Alex calls Shiro after just laying there for a bit, not realizing that while it was 9:30 in Hawaii it was 3:30 in the morning at the mansion.

Do you know what time it is? )
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Nathan wakes up on the Blackbird on the way north to the camp to find out that everyone's all right. It turns out he learned more in that moment by the pool than he realized.

He who has injured thee was either stronger or weaker. If weaker, spare him; if stronger, spare thyself. - Seneca )

During the flight, a restless Domino officially meets Lorna for the first time. Lorna is keeping busy in the constructive sort of way.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. - Rousseau )

Shortly afterwards, Cain and Domino get a chance to catch up, and Domino finds out a little more about why Cain is there, and vice versa.

Explore thyself. Herein are demanded the eye and the nerve. - Thoreau )

Shiro is prickly and yet somewhat introspective. Dom is tired enough to be both bitchy and perverse, but also teaches him some basic Arabic so that he can help with the kids more effectively.

In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat, but in the evolution of real knowledge it marks the first step in progress toward a victory. - Whitehead )

Just before landing, Domino sits down with Nathan for a moment. They butt heads, but finally agree that staying on the plane isn't an option for either of them. Even if it might be the intelligent thing to do.

Determination is the wake-up call to the human will. - Robbins )

The man in charge at the training camp steps out his front door for a smoke. His night goes a little awry.

In the huge mass of evil as it rolls and swells, there is ever some good working toward deliverance and triumph. - Carlyle )

After dropping off the rescued children with the Professor's contact in Niger, the team prepares to head home. They wind up taking along an unwilling passenger.

The strongest have their moments of fatigue. - Nietzsche )

Over the Atlantic and heading home, Nathan and Haroun have an idle conversation in the cockpit about wider implications and the Professor's dream in a global context.

If hero means sincere man, why may not every one of us be a hero? - Carlyle )

Half a world away, Saul Morrow receives a phone call.

And out of darkness came the hands; That reach thro' nature, moulding men. - Tennyson )
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For now we see through a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.


Nathan and Alison hook up with Domino in the marketplace in N'Djamena. She has more intel for them, including some rather unexpected news about foreign involvement in the training camp.

Chances rule men and not men chances. - Herodotus )

Shiro gets the news that there's been a small change in plans, and instructions to let the mansion know - and stay with the Blackbird.

People wish to learn to swim and at the same time to keep one foot on the ground. - Proust )

At the hotel, Alison and Lorna engage in a little preliminary information-gathering. Sometimes the best way to blend in is to stand out. They are, however, spotted.

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many. - Phaedrus )

Haroun and Nathan, sizing up the situation outside, are a little startled when someone familiar walks up to their table and joins them. Things get violent rather quickly at that point.

It is lawful to be taught by an enemy. - Ovid )

Nathan learns a lesson in control and focus. It would probably be less galling if it wasn't delivered with his own powers.

If I can not influence the gods, I shall move all hell. - Virgil )

Lorna and Alison make it outside just in time to see Nathan go down, and try to get their teammate to safety.

Tell me thy company and I will tell thee what thou art. - Cervantes )

Meanwhile, Haroun and Domino try to get the civilians out of the line of fire.

His resolve is not to seem the bravest, but to be. - Aeschylus )

Alison calls in the cavalry, and Cain's secret turns out to be what's needed to tip the scales.

And, weaponless himself; Made arms ridiculous. - Milton )
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Shiro finally has his first training scenario in the Danger Room. Which ends prematurely with a battering ram to the head. Head pounding and nose bleeding, Shiro discusses his mistakes with Scott before being ordered down to the medlab. At least he doesn't have a concussion.

That's the one thing you can't do in this 'business', Shiro, most of the time. Following instinct? Is not the best answer the majority of the time. )
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Shiro brings his sister down to the infirmary to a routine checkup. (Well, Leyu goes on her own accord, and Shiro just follows because he's a good big brother.) Hank talks to them about Kyoto and chocolate. It's very cute. And Shiro gets Pocky.

Perhaps I'll have to give you two lollipops today, instead of one. Unless, of course, someone in this room likes pocky. Or, as it may be, two someones. )
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Set last weekend, Clarice gets drunk and Shiro is Not Pleased. There is puking and the L-word. No, not 'lesbian'.

I accidentally posted this incompletely last weekend....here's the completely version! sorry!

Start your day with a DOA, doodah, doodah )
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After a few days of trying to ignore his not-so friendly stalker, Shiro abandons his theory of a haunted dorm room and goes to find Nate and tell him to quit it already. It's an interesting conversation, to say the least. They clear some things up, but still dislike and mistrust each other.

By not paying attention to it, maybe it would wear out. But its absolute persistence in making me miserable screamed Nathan Dayspring. )
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Alex finds Shiro in the library on Tuesday afternoon, reading the reports that Scott assigned. Alex wigs out just a bit when Shiro tells him that he's a trainee, but they drop the subject and instead talk about cross-dressing.

I'm happy for you Shiro...I really am. It's just hard for me to show it when another person I love is going to be in danger...Selfish I know, sorry. )


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