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During the march out of the Conservatory, Kyle and Laurie 'share a moment' out in the jungle. With the DEMON DUCK OF DOOM! (no, really)

'...My roommates are probably wondering if I fell in or something.' )

During the march, Forge and Mondo unwittingly re-enact a scene from Return of the Jedi, much to the smaller children's amusement.

'Hey, you know what this reminds me of? That movie, the Star Wars one? With the little fuzzy... things.' )

At the Conservatory entrance, the rescue team regroups after a night of fruitless searching. Unfortunately, one of the park's inhabitants seems to have a bit of a fondness for the Blackbird. Thankfully, it is followed by several non-native park dwellers, and everyone manages to head home safely.

Not looking like an eggplant was *not* one of Clarice's specialities. )
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On his run through Manhattan, Pietro has another reunion with Eddie Wyndham, complete with Exposition and Rhetoric.

'You and your friends haven't made a statement, you've made a monster movie.' )

At the Conservatory, the Blackbird lands, and our rescue team gets to searching. The terrain is a problem, but Medusa finds an interesting solution

'As much as I understand your desire to stick together, I believe my ride has arrived.' )
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After fighting off hungry allosaurs, Kyle isn't dealing well with the aftereffects. Garrison manages to shock some sense into him, and Angel finds a rather disgusting application of her power.

'Is...everything...okay. Well, it's not okay but is it going to be?' )

After the students have fought off the dinosaur attack, Forge manages to limp his way over for some medical treatment. The royal treatment, in fact.

'You were carried off by a dozen 'small' flesh-eating animals, received an untold number of bites and scratches, lost most of your leg, had part of your shoulder torn off, and somehow through it all you managed to hold onto surgical equipment?' )

Meanwhile, the rescue team heads out on the Blackbird to find the missing tour group. To say that this is possibly not the best group of personalities to put together on a mission would be the understatement of the year.

Maybe if he ignored it, they'd magically get sprinkled with maturity or something. )
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Shiro receives a phone call from someone unexpected, whom he wouldn't mind never having to speak to again.

Some fight, some bleed, sun up to sun down, the sons of a battlecry. )

Over dinner, Shiro tells Marie what happened, and she offers some frightening advice.

Though my mind's at peace, the world out of order, missing the inner heat, life gets colder. )
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Angelo's information leads the FBI to Devlin's apartment, and an arrest. Unfortunately, Devlin's proteges decide to intervene. The X-Men caught in the middle - Angelo with the junior Preservers, Garrison with the FBI - try to keep the situation from heading south as Ororo races to their location with backup.

A brave man may fall but never yield. )
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In the Blackbird, the team prepares for whatever they might find on the island and hopes Sam is still okay.

I'd prefer less of the 'falling to the death' method of getting on to the island. )


As dawn breaks over the village, Sam tries to find a way to rescue the villagers, but comes across something of a surprise, and then a final showdown with Kraven.

Ah only said 'ha-yuck' the once. )


Shiro, Kurt, and Scott take the 'Arenques Rojos' into custody after Sam tells them what exactly is going on.

Jaa, do we just walk up and order them to line up to apprehend them? )


Garrison and Marie head for Mojo's bunker, where he's holed up and transmitting. They run across some flunkies before seeing the man himself.

Huh. Rented Olson twin thugs. Didn't see that one coming. )
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Backdated because I'm a slacker. To get back into shape, Scott calls Shiro down for a friendly hand-to-hand sparring. Of course, the subject of Alex inevitably arises, but it's a good talk.

It was, on the whole, a lot more diplomatic than pointing out to Shiro that he hadn't exactly been the poster child for stability. )
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Cyclops and Storm have to get creative to gain access to the basement of a building home to an anti-mutant civil action group. They don’t find the girls, but Scott makes a new friend.

This is going to take a few minutes to explain - bear with me? We're elevator consultants. )

Clarice and Shiro deal with some of their interpersonal conflicts while searching for the girls. They don’t find what they’re looking for, but stumble across another child sorely in need of help.

I'm Tinky Winky. And this is Po. )

Marie and Terry have to put aside their differences to work together as Rogue and Siryn when the Irish redhead hears something suspicious in a nearby warehouse.

They're here. Definitely. Three or more. )

Unfortunately, nothing is ever as simple as it seems at first.

It's time for Plan B. )
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Lorna comes to visit Alex the day after his birthday bearing Tylenol, juice and his birthday present. Everything goes relatively okay...until she happens to hint at something Alex didn't know she knew thanks to the Dream. Shiro arrives as Lorna is leaving and finally explains to Alex what really happened and how Lorna found out about them. Alex freaks out for must of this.

Of course Shiro had told him all that happened. Why wouldn't he? )


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