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Adrienne arrives at the Bowen's household and ends up taking Tandy back to the Mansion with her.

Shaker Heights, Ohio. It reminded Adrienne a little of Salem Centre, with a very small town feel that had her missing the chaos, noise, and dirt of the big cities she'd spent so much of her life in. Maybe that would mean that the girl she was here to pick up would have a head start of feeling at home at the mansion? Or would that make her feel the homesickness more strongly, because Salem Centre seemed so much like home and yet not home? Adrienne didn't know how that worked. The only time she'd been homesick had been when forced to relocate to Boston by the Black Court, and that had nothing to do with scenery.

Of course, the fact that she was worrying about whether or not the girl she was here to bring back would feel homesick was a rather foreign concept to Adrienne, and it made her rather uncomfortable. Partly because she still didn't entirely believe that Michael Bowen's sister was the witch he'd made her out to be, that she was so completely inept the mansion, where a bunch of people had just been kidnapped and tortured, was a better place for her kid than Shaker Heights. The world was really fucked up sometimes.

Reaching the tidy Victorian whose address matched that of the GPS on her rental car, the psychometrist jumped out and made her way to the front door, knocking in a steady rhythm.

"One moment." The voice of one Melissa Carlisle called out. Moments later the door opened and the pretty blonde woman stood in the door way. "Adrienne?" She tilted her head and a smiled. "What a pleasant surprise please come in." Holding the door open, luggage could be seen near the entrance. "I was just about to head to the airport but I have time for you."

Adrienne raised an eyebrow as she entered the house. "Hi, Melissa. Where are you off to?"

Closing the door behind the woman. "San Francisco. Fashion show." She said, "Showing off five of my dresses there." Giving a smile was clearly pleased about her business. "To what do I owe the honor?"

"Glad to hear you're doing well," Adrienne said with a smile plastered on her face. "I'm here to talk to you about your daughter." The daughter Adrienne hadn't known Melissa even had until she spoke to Michael.

The color in her face drained at the mention of her daughter, the daughter that was upstairs right then and there. "How do you know about her?" Clearly Melissa never mentioned it to anyone and it wasn't exactly public knowledge unless you really dug into Melissa's background.

Adrienne observed the loss of colour in Melissa's face and took note of it. "I spoke to your brother recently," she told the other woman. "He knows I teach at a school for gifted children in Westchester, New York, and he wanted to talk to me about Tandy enrolling there."

Melissa blinked for a couple of seconds letting Adrienne's words sink it. "Ah, my dear brother...always is butting into my business." She said with a shake of her head. "I am guessing he told you about what had happened in New York then? If she couldn't be more of a disappointment..." Melissa said in a lower voice.

"She..." A chill went down Adrienne's spine as Melissa's last statement reminded her uncannily of her own father. She bit the inside of her cheek until it drew blood, allowing her to shake the wave of nausea that had hit her. Swallowing hard, she tried again. "She's a teenager, Melissa." Her teeth were gritted as she struggled not to blow up at the woman with something she'd regret later, "they get into shit sometimes. Especially the ones with gifts."

Melissa laughed a bit, but it wasn't one of those nice ones. "There is a reason I don't talk about her." Her tone of voice was very much as matter of fact. "If you had children you would understand."

"I'm a teacher. One who lives under the same roof as her students," Adrienne shot back, the vehemence with which she said it surprising her, "I understand children better than some parents do. I'm also a mutant, just like Tandy."

Melissa raised an eyebrow, "That is sweet of you to think being a teacher is the same as being a parent. It isn't." Giving Adrienne a sad smile, like she pities her. "Oh, I didn't peg you as the 'different' type." Walking over to the stairs like it was a chore. "I'll get her for you."

Fantasizing about punching Melissa in various places kept Adrienne from actually doing it, luckily. "That's sweet of you to think you know anything about being a teacher," she answered, teeth still gritted, though she kept her tone light. "Or a parent," she added under her breath.

"I do my best." Melissa answered with a smile but it fade when she looked up the stairs, sighing "Tandy Reese Bowen...come down here." Her voice wasn't asking nicely, more of a demanding and a 'you better do as you told or else' tone of voice.

The sounds of movement came from upstairs as the feet of a teenager came down the stairs. "What...?" Tandy said, looking tired and worn out. "I thought you had left already..." She said and looked over to the living room to see a guest.

"Hi," Adrienne said to Tandy with a smile, giving up on Melissa and choosing to focus on her daughter instead. "I'm Adrienne Frost. Your uncle told me what happened to you in New York. I was sorry to hear about that. I'm glad you're okay."

"I am about to head out." Looking at her watch. "Adrienne came by to talk to you about New York and I am assuming to take you away not like you aren't thinking about running away again. Such a hassle you are." She looked down at her daughter.

Tandy. "Hi." She said back unsure what the hell was going on. "Thanks...Should be more worried about the ones that are still in a coma." Ignoring her mother's words. "How do you know my Uncle anyways?"

"I... what?" Adrienne turned back to Melissa. "You just want me to 'take her away?'" Shit, Michael hadn't been kidding, had he? Maybe the mansion was better for Tandy than staying here. "Your uncle and I know each other through a clothing shop I help out at in District X in the city. He knows that I teach at a boarding school up in Westchester," she told Tandy.

Melissa just shrugged, "Oh, so then why are you here if you aren't here to take her? I can't imagine anything being really that important to come all the way to Ohio from New York just to talk to a child about what had happened."

"Thanks Mom." Tandy said quietly before looking up Adrienne, "Oh I remember seeing that clothing shop when I was there. It was closed when I went through. Figures. My Uncle would try and help me out. I don't have much support here."
"She's not a child, Melissa, she's your daughter, for fuck's sakes!" Adrienne exclaimed angrily, Tandy's comment about not having any support fuelling her passion about the subject, "she's a teenager, she deserves your support for Chrissakes, or at least your pretension of giving a damn about her!"

Melissa looked appalled that Adrienne would speak out against her. "She hasn't proven otherwise. She flunked sophomore year, she ran away, throws parties, drinks, probably does drugs..."

"You weren't home when I threw those...and I don't do drugs." Tandy interjected.

"Don't talk Tandy." Looking back at Adrienne. "I feed her, put clothes on her back, I put her into the best schools of this state. And yet she is ungrateful."

"People need more than food, clothing, and education to be grateful to their parents," Adrienne snapped back, drawing on her memories of her own childhood and her relationships with some of her students for inspiration. "They need attention and respect and they need to know that they're special, and... important to someone, Melissa! Even a teacher with no kids understands that!" And damnit, now she sounded like she was speaking dialogue from a Hallmark movie! But that was how she felt.

Melissa laughed, "You are serious aren't you? Respect?" She tried not to laugh any more but shook her head. "Respect is earned not given." Looking down at her daughter. "And running away and killing people isn't a way to earn it."

"I didn't kill anyone..." Tandy said not looking at either woman. "I didn't..." She started to glow slightly from all the tension in the room and for the first time in a long time Tandy felt like crying. She turned and ran out of the room towards the back patio, her skin growing brighter.

"Kill...coma...still the same thing." Melissa said after her daughter.

"Respect is mutual, Melissa," Adrienne answered, struggling to keep her hands from balling into a fist and taking a shot at the woman. "But hey, you don't want to miss your flight. Since you obviously don't give a shit about her, why don't you get moving? I'll 'take her away' as you so elegantly put it. Because even if you don't think she's worthy of your time and respect, I disagree." Sure, Vanessa had once told her that sometimes people were just rotten, but if that were true about Tandy, Adrienne wanted to see that in Tandy for herself; she wasn't just going to take Melissa's word for it. She hadn't given up on Cammie despite being urged to once, by the girl herself, and she wasn't about to write someone off just because Melissa felt she was a 'hassle.'

Without waiting for a reply, Adrienne strode out to the back patio. "Your mom's a fucking nutjob," she told the girl, huffing out an annoyed breath as she leaned against the patio fence.

Melissa raised an eyebrow at Adrienne, "Good. It was nice seeing you again." The woman walked over to her luggage, opened the door and was gone.

Tandy heard everything from outside as she leaned over the fence as well, drying up her tears. Looking over as the other woman came out and she heard the door closing. "You are probably the only few that actually seen the real her. I didn't kill those people." Tandy wanted to make sure Miss Frost understood that. "I wouldn't hurt people like that...they are in comas."

"I know, sweetie," Adrienne assured the girl. "I want to do the whole 'lots of kids your age have trouble controlling their powers' speech, but it's sounding like one of those cheesy '40s sex-ed films in my head so I'm just going to say that I work at a school that teaches people how to control their gifts, so you can make sure something like that won't happen again."

Tandy laughed a bit and wiped the last of her tears away. "Sounds like a cool school...If my dad was here, that scene wouldn't had played out. They are always working. How did you know my mom?"

"I... used to own a modeling agency," Adrienne answered, the phraseology troubling her. Sure, she still owned it. But she couldn't do anything with it. And it didn't appear as if she would ever wrest control of it back from the Black Court. "I got into fashion design, as well. So I guess you'd say we ran in the same circles. We did some modeling together when we were teenagers, as well."

"Ah, so you are a fashion guru as well?" Tandy had calmed down a bit, her eyes were still red and her skin was still glowing. "So this school...what is it like?"

Adrienne chuckled. "Yeah, I'm a fashion guru. But these days I'm more of a math-teaching guru." She swung herself up on the patio railing, "It's like..." What could she say about the school? It's like this really fun place where sometimes you get kidnapped and tortured! Damnit. "Well, it's this huge mansion in Westchester, it's got a couple swimming pools, some woods with deer trails, a quarry, individual powers training...There are less than twenty students so you'll get lots of individual attention with teachers, that sort of thing..." Wow, could you make it sound any lamer? she chided herself. "It's better than staying with your mom?" Yeah, that was basically all she had.

"Sounds...fun." Though she wasn't really interested in the individual attention part. Tandy gave a sad smile. "Anywhere would be better than staying here. I mean my dad is cool but he is just as busy." Her skin stopped glowing and had returned back to normal at this time.

"It's better than I make it sound," Adrienne said with another chuckle. "I'm apparently coming up short on my sales pitch these days. Maybe I've been out of the business world too long. But yeah, it'll get you away from your mom. What does your dad do?" she asked conversationally.

"My dad? His family owns a winery; he is at the vineyard for the next week. He had to make up as he missed work for almost a week because of me." Tandy sighed heavily - her mind turned to the school. "Well he didn't really say that he just tells me not to worry about how many days he missed. I think he would like the school idea, my last school...they won't let me back. They don't tolerate people who flunk."

"That's because people who flunk are constant, painful reminders of how stupid the teachers are, since the teachers allowed the students to flunk through what I'm only assuming is gross ineptitude," Adrienne shrugged, adding a smirk after a beat. "I like to think, if a student flunks, it's because the teacher wasn't smart enough to find a way to help them pass." That was what she believed, anyway. Of course, it wasn't as cut-and-dried as all that, since she knew that public school teachers, especially, worked incredibly long, thankless hours. But in her case, with so few students in her classes, Adrienne considered it a personal insult on her own character if she couldn't put in enough time with a student to get them to understand the material and pass.

"Some teachers are pretty stupid." Tandy agreed with that statement. "And boring. Very boring." Looking at her backyard from the patio. "So are am I going with you?"

Adrienne shrugged. "Sure. Unless you want to stick around here. I could talk to your dad about it if you want me to. Maybe you want to discuss it with him and have him bring you to the school in the fall if that's where you decide you want to be?"

"He won't be around for a while, it is just me here." Lifting her hand up to show Adrienne that the empty house was going to be hers for a while. "If my Uncle went to you than I am pretty sure you are safe. And I don't think I'll last here until the fall."

"Okay then." Adrienne got down from the patio. "Well, how about I go pick us up some airplane snacks to give you time to pack? I can even take you around to talk to some of your friends afterwards if you want." She wasn't in too much of a hurry to get back to the mansion.


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