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Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out.

"Should we get something to eat?" Clea said as she was looking at each store front. "I am hungry."

Stephen grinned, a teasing glint sparkling in his eyes as he slipped an arm around his girlfriend and gently pulled her away from the store she was looking at, "You're always hungry," he pointed out playfully, "I swear your metabolism must be through the roof."

"You try having cheer practice almost everyday and tossing Becca into the air." She was pulled away from the shop with a sad face, "Plus magic makes me hungry." Turning into Steve but her eye caught something behind him across the street, "Hey, what is that?"

"Well I have to train for foo..." she wasn't even listening. Stephen had no idea how she did it, the speed which Clea managed to change subjects left him reeling constantly as the tried to play catch up. The teenager sighed and span on one foot as he started after her, "It looks like some kinda old game shop."

Clea was a moth drawn to the window of the old game shop. "I've never seen it here before. Oh lets go in." She didn't wait for a response as she was already making a beeline to the front door.

Stephen felt himself tugged along like a puppy on a string as she drifted inside. "But Pizza, hamburgers, ice cream!" It was a valiant but ultimately futile attempt to distract his girlfriend as he wandered through the door and immediately started coughing in the dusty air.

The shop was completely empty, and looked a bit like no one had stepped foot in it in a long time. Even the man old man behind the counter looked as if he hadn't moved in ages. He might have been a statue, if not for the wide smile he gave the teens as they walked in. "Hello, hello!" He half-sang. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Uh, we are just looking." She said to the old man behind the counter and went to grab Steven's hand and pulled him down one of the aisle. "Weird...this whole place is weird."

"You're the one who picked it out," Stephen pointed out a playful smile touching his lips as he peered at the shelves, "You know, I've never ever heard of any of these games before."

"Neither have I." Clea stopped when she caught sight of a pack of cards, "How To Kill A Spider. I hate spiders, but I guess playing a game about killing them isn't so bad."

"Riiiiight," Stephen drawled in disbelief, "and when you end up having nightmares..." The teenager fell silent for a moment before he grabbed the card game and gestured at the shop keeper. "We'll take this one please."

"Oh, yes, good choice!" The old man said, his eyes sparkling with some kind of mischief, as if he knew a joke the teens weren't in on. "Hunting spiders can be such a good time."

Clea looked at the old man with a concerned look on her face, "Have you played this game before?"

"I can't say I have." He was still smiling mysteriously. "But I daresay you'll have yourselves quite an adventure with this one." He rung them up. "That'll be five dollars."

Stephen fished a note out of his pocket, offering it to the old man as she gently steered Clea out of the shop, "Ok, so the game might be fun, but that old guy really weirded me out," he confided in a whisper as the door swung shut behind them.

"Agreed." She let out an sigh before straightening up, "I am hungry. Let's get some food."
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