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Woo! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] x_jeangrey and [livejournal.com profile] x_bamf for a really fun scene.

The log of what happened on the plane ride back to Westchester:

Jean: Jean coaxes Kurt out of the church, slowly, ever so slowly walking with him and Storm toward the Blackbird. "Here we are," she says quietly as the approach the great black jet.
Kurt: Kurt stares at the jet.
Kurt: "That?"
Kurt: "Is that 'here'?"
Storm: "Mm-hmm." Ororo nods, glancing over at her colleague. "Jean, you want to do the honors flying home?" Blue eyes flick back to Kurt. "I hope you don't get airsick..."
Kurt: "You fly? We're flying in that?" Kurt starts to look a bit skittish and tenses up.
Kurt: "Where are you taking me?"
Jean: "Home," Jean says softly. "We're taking you somewhere safe. To our home." The way she says home implies that she really means it. The mansion is /home/ to her.
Storm: Ororo bites her lip a little, but nods. "You can come back here, eventually, if that's what you want. But for now, you'll be a lot safer with us... and there's someone you should meet."
Kurt: Glancing around, Kurt seems torn between leaving the sanctuary of the quiet church and trusting these strangers in black leather. They don't look like military, but he was fooled the last time.
Kurt: "Ms. Munroe, Ms. Grey.....I suppose I have no choice but to trust you."
Storm: Gnawing on her lip even more, Ororo glances over at Jean and gives her a Look, white eyebrow quirking up. Who needs telepathy when you have Secret Schoolteacher Eyebrows.
Storm: Breathing a sigh of relief, she smiles. "I promise we'll do everything we can to live up to your trust. All right? ... are you hungry?"
Kurt: They walk towrds the jet.
Kurt: "I don't remember the last time I ate."
Kurt: When they are on board, kurt looks around in awe of the twinkling dials and knobs.
Kurt: Spotting an inconspicuous (or at least as inconspicuous as you get on a small jet) seat, he sits down, and seems to shrink in his seat.
Storm: Ororo coughs, and straps herself into one of the pilot's chairs. "Don't touch any of those, they're a bit... delicate. ... Jean, do you want to drive, and I'll debrief? Or which?"
Jean: Jean slips into a seat, flicking a few switches and pulling a headpiece up from the console. "I'll drive. You talk."
Kurt: Kurt tears his attention away from the floor to look up at Storm. Note how bright and out of place his eyes seem in the darkened jet.
Storm: "Oohh, good. My forte." Ororo does the same, but turns back around in the chair to study Kurt, chin resting on the back of the chair. "Er -- there are some granola bars and water under there."
Kurt: Kurt cautiously removes the food and tears open a bar which he begins to eat, quickly, but quietly, and then drinks about half a bottle of water before reaching for the next one.
Storm: "Well... like I said, we're teachers. The man we work for -- Professor Xavier -- he's one of us, a mutant. He knows more about people like us than anyone on the planet. He can find out who did this to you, and why..."
Kurt: "You are...teachers? instructors at a school? And your headmaster will know who was controlling me?"
Storm: Ororo gives her best "don't worry, honey" smile, perfected at some length on Illyana. "Yes. He's... I suppose I should tell you outright: his power is telepathy."
Storm: "He can read minds... find out things you may not even remember doing."
Kurt: Kurt looks both worried and awed. "There is someone who can read my mind and knows what I am thinking? He can see everything?"
Storm: She takes a deep breath, then brings up one hand to rub at the back of her neck. "It's not the easiest experience in the world, but it doesn't hurt. And he's very... respectful."
Storm: "He /can/ see everything -- but it doesn't mean that he does."
Storm: Blue eyes flick over to Jean. The message is clear: "Help! Help! Your department!"
Kurt: "So this professor, he *can* read minds, could know everything.....and he doesn't?" His voice makes it unclear whether he thinks this is good or bad.
Storm: /Thanks, Jean/, Ororo grumbles in the back of her head -- not that it shows on her face.
Jean: Jean's voice is quiet, but firm. "He can, but he doesn't, because he is an honest man. A /good/ man."
Storm: "Mm-hmm. He -- ... when I first came to the school, I had -- I asked the Professor to unblock some memories I'd had when I was a child. Very... bad memories." She takes a deep breath before continuing.
Kurt: Kurt looks unconvinced, but nods, making it clear he's cool about Professor X.
Kurt: Kurt looks at Storm, worried.
Storm: "He did, and -- he could have gone into my mind and changed me, while he was doing it. See... I was claustrophobic, for a long time, because of something that happened when I was young."
Kurt: "Were you hurt? Did it hurt for it to come out?"
Storm: "I'd blocked out the memories -- but he walked me back through them, very carefully, so I could start to deal with them. ... and -- it hurt, but not the way you're thinking."
Storm: Ororo's mouth twitches, a little. "But -- if he'd wanted, he could have just fixed the claustrophobia, without making me remember. But that would have meant making me give up a part of my past... so he didn't."
Kurt: Kurt looks relieved that the process was gentle, and takes another look at Storm, for some indication of hardship or pain. He doesn't find anything.
Storm: "So what I mean is...he isn't going to do anything unnecessarily painful, and even though he's very powerful, he won't do anything that will change you, that will make you less yourself."
Storm: "Nothing that will touch your spirit, your /soul/, you see?"
Kurt: Kurt nods curtly "I will meet him then."
Storm: Ororo relaxes a bit and /beams/. "Well, then -- is there anything else you'd like to know?"
Kurt: Kurt knits his brow, thinking. A flood of different questions come to mind. Where is it? What is going on really? How had they found him? Why were they looking for him at all? Did they know anything else, or know his family?
Kurt: A million thoughts are going through, and he can't decide what is impotant to ask/
Kurt: "Why do you care what happens to me? Why find me and ask me to come with you?"
Storm: Oh, good, another tough one. Ororo glances back at Kurt. "Would you pass me a water, please? And... well, a lot of reasons, really. Whoever did this to you could be very dangerous -- is very dangerous."
Kurt: Kurt hands her the bottle he was drinking, and then opens another one, obliviously. He thinks about her answer.
Storm: "But, also -- you're important to us. All mutants are." She takes the cap off and has another long drink. "We want people like us to be safe -- free from exploitation, from persecution, from fear."
Kurt: He relaxes a little, relieved that he isn't just being used to extract information.
Jean: "We want /everyone/ to be safe." Jean adds, softly, ever the idealist.
Storm: "Besides," Ororo grins, faintly, "I zapped your church and dropped you down a good forty feet. So I have a personal responsibility, eh?"
Kurt: This quip breaks the serious expression, and he seems a little less tense.
Kurt: "So is that what you do? Find other mutants who are in trouble?"
Kurt: He frowns. "But how did you find me?"
Storm: "Uhh..." Ororo swigs on her water to hide her balking. "The Professor has ways of finding mutants. It's... connected to his powers."
Kurt: Kurt doesn't get it, but just lets it slide as one more thing he doesn't understand about these mysterious people.
Storm: "You /were/ pretty hard to get a lock on, though. I wonder why?" She grins again. "That's a very interesting talent you have."
Kurt: He glances down, seemingly embaressed to discuss it.
Kurt: "I don't do it very often. I don't know why I have it, and.....that worries me. When that man was.....controlling.....me..." he pauses wiht introspection "That's the most I've ever done it at once"
Storm: "Man?" She stiffens straight up in the chair and glances over at Jean. "It was a man? You're sure? You remember that much? ... sorry, it's just that could be important."
Storm: Forcibly dropping the subject, she rubs at the back of her neck. "But it's a gift. At least, that's what I think. What we all think. At least, it can be, if that's how you choose to use it."
Kurt: Kurt frowns. "A man and his soldiers. They took me captive." He gets a pained expression on his face. For a moment he looks painfully vulnerable.
Kurt: "He tricked me."
Kurt: Snapping out of his thoughts, he turns back to Storm.
Storm: She reaches out and grabs his hand on impulse, giving it a squeeze. "I believe you. Don't worry. We aren't here to pu-- to make you pay for the sins of others."
Kurt: At her touch, he flinches just slightly.
Storm: She immediately drops his hand and winces. "... sorry. Gut reaction. My apologies. Uh... Jean?"
Kurt: "No one can pay for the sins of others."
Kurt: "And sometimes, we cannot even begin to pay for our own."
Jean: "We believe you, Kurt. We'll do everything we can to keep that from happening to you again -- or to anyone else." Jean glances at him over her shoulder.
Kurt: He seems caught somewhere between what they are saying and lost in his own thoughts.
Storm: "No..." A frown darkens Ororo's face. "But sometimes people can try to punish us for things that aren't our burden anyway." She exhales and smiles, stiffly. "But enough philosophy. Any more questions?"
Kurt: Uconciously he begins to trace one of the tatoos on his arm. He looks up at her. "The injustice of the world is something we all bear. The more willingly, the easier it is on someone else." He pauses. "I don't know enough to ask more questions. Please...what do I need to know?"
Storm: She takes a very long drink of water, then screws the cap back on, twisting it while she talks. "The school is in Westchester, New York. There are about sixty students at the moment, all ages."
Kurt: Throughout this time, he has eaten a box of granola bars and two bottles of water, leaving an ancient pack of fruit snacks and half a diet coke as the only things in the fridge.
Kurt: Kurt nods, waiting for her to continue.
Storm: She reaches over and grabs some of the fruit snacks. "They don't have..." Turning the packet over, "Mixed-berry gummy treats in Munich? ... Anyway, our youngest is about six."
Kurt: "What does he do?"
Jean: "Learns how to control his powers. Learns arithmetic. Teaches one of the older girls how to play gin rummy." Jean grins, thinking of the boy in question.
Storm: "And sticks out his tongue at the worst possible times." Storm adds, tearing the packet open with her teeth.
Storm: "We have some grad students in their twenties, too -- but most of our kids are in their early teens; thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, around that age. We teach them to use their powers, and normal subjects, too."
Kurt: "So, you teach, and they learn, and why do you have a jet?"
Storm: "That -- we'll let the Professor explain that one. It's sort of complicated." And classified, sort of, but it wouldn't be polite to mention that.
Kurt: Kurt shrugs, knowing these people have secrets. "What do you teach?"
Storm: "World History, Art History, a bunch of humanities electives..." She fishes out a gummy treat that appears to be a strawberry mated with a raspberry in carnal bliss. "Flight, for the kids who're capable of it."
Jean: "And I teach Anatomy and Psychology. And Psionics for the telepathic and telekinetic students," Jean adds, smiling.
Kurt: Kurt has no idea what Psionics are, but decides not to ask.
Storm: "If you decide to stay with us, the Professor will probably find something for you to teach... we have a broad curriculum. /Very/ broad. Did you -- I'm sorry if this is rude, but have you had much schooling?"
Kurt: "School? I never went to a real school. We were always on the move, and I doubt anyone would want me anyway. But as far as education... One of our catchers was a former engineer....and he taught me math, and physics. I never had formal biology or chemistry, but I read some of his books. He and Carol had a great library. You can only take so much with you, but they always had books."
Kurt: "I read everything, and they would change them in and out. When we were bought and came to the United States, they didn't come with us."
Storm: Ororo blinks a little, and then smiles. "We should introduce you to Hank, then. Maybe he needs a TA." After devouring another few gummies, she explains, "Hank, that's Dr. Henry McCoy. He teaches sciences."
Kurt: "I don't know what students here learn, or how much they know. I only know what I know." Kurt has no idea what TA stands for, but it doesn't seem to be something he has to know.
Storm: "Like I said, the curriculum is very broad, and our teaching methods are somewhat untraditional, some times. It's very much a group effort. A lot of our students have had very unusual lives."
Storm: "The Professor is a firm believer in learning and teaching from life experience. /Everyone/ is an expert at /something/, even those of us who've never set foot in a school before."
Kurt: Now Kurt is worried about being behind, but if everyone is at different levels. Still...he's always been one of the best at almost everything in the circus....he is starting to get wrapped up in the little world these women are telling him about, and a streak of competiveness comes out. "What do other people 
my age study?"
Storm: "It depends a lot on the person." Ororo shrugs, then starts ticking off on her fingers. "Warren has wings, that's his mutation, so he studies things like aviation and avian biology and engineering."
Storm: "Allison is probably going to TA for me, but she used to-- she /is/ a singer and a musician, so she studies music theory and performance and things like that. You can study anything that interests you, pretty much."
Jean: "Sam studies to control his gifts, and teaches a small Geology seminar." Jean smiles reassuringly.
Storm: "He was a coal-miner," Ororo explains. "See? It's just a matter of sharing what you know."
Kurt: His eyes light up a little. "Does someone teach literature? Or ancient history?" He thinks of the things he loved to hear more about. Since he left Germany five years ago, the circus that was once a beautiful aerial ballet has become seedier, and the people rougher. He misses the true performers. "Do you have a real gym?"
Storm: "Ancient History is mine," Ororo taps her chest, "... and, actually, this semester, Literature is, too. But that's temporary. Yes, we have a gym. Actually, we have a gym and, the -- er, something better."
Jean: Jean laughs quietly at that. Something better. yes.
Kurt: "Better than a real gym? Do you have high bar? Or rings?"
Storm: Ororo looks over at Jean and has to bite her cheek to keep from laughing. "Yes, yes, and yes. And a full pool. And a basketball court."
Kurt: This is very relieving, to have something familar. He thinks back to the ancient histor. "I read Cary and Scullard's History of Rome with Daniel. It was hard, but it was really interesting. Do you teach that?"
Storm: Blink. Blink. Blink. "... eventually, yes. Although at the moment we're still in Old Dynasty Egypt."
Kurt: He frowns. "I've never learned that. Is that bad?"
Storm: "No, it just means you might get something out of sitting on one of my lectures. ... I lived in Egypt for a little while, when I was very young. So I've always been interested in it."
Jean: Jean glances up in surprise. Ororo isn't usually so open about her past with strangers.
Kurt: "Is that why you look so exotic?" He blushes, wondering if she thinks he's being mean. Of course, no one can see him blush, he's blue.
Storm: /Blink/. Scowl. Pause. Deep breath. "No. It -- ah, well." Another deep breath, and a swallow of water for good measure. "My father was black -- African-American, if you're being PC."
Kurt: "I didn't mean...." He has no idea what to say. He hasn't met new people in years.
Storm: "My mother was from Kenya, but our family is... well, let's just say that white hair and blue eyes runs in my family. So -- I'm not actually /from/ Egypt. I was born in New York city."
Storm: Ororo waves a hand and smiles, tightly. "It's all right. I'm used to it. Believe me, 'exotic' is pretty nice compared to some of the things I've been called."
Kurt: His eyes flash, thinking of the things he has been called. "It's okay. I know."
Storm: "So... what about you?" She glances over at Jean for a moment, then grabs another bottle of water and passes it over.
Kurt: "I don't know."
Storm: "You don't know? ... because you don't remember, or...?"
Kurt: "No, I'm an orphan. My mother found me in a river near the tent when I was a baby. No one knows where I come from." He pauses and then softly adds, "Some of them didn't think I was even human."
Jean: How very like Moses, Jean thinks to herself. "Many people feel that way about mutants, whether we look 'normal' or not. Given time, they'll come to understand us."
Kurt: He sighs. "I am what I am. Just because I don't know why, doesn't mean there is no why."
Storm: "There's a why," says Ororo, firmly. "It's just up to you to decide what it is."
Kurt: Softly he recites "Therefore I will trust you always though I may seem to be lost in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone."
Storm: More frantic Secret Teacher Eye Signalling to Jean.
Storm: "So..." Eye signals having failed to reach their target, Ororo picks through the remains of her gummies. "Why a church?"
Kurt: Kurt looks at her, puzzled.
Jean: "Why did you hide in a church?" Jean asks, clarifying. She, too, is interested.
Kurt: "For sanctuary. For peace. Serenity. I've moved around my whole life. But they are the same." He shifts uncomfortably at having something that seems so natural to him questioned.
Storm: Ororo nods slowly. "I think I understand. I feel the same way about -- ... certain things."
Kurt: Kurt nods and yawns hugely.
Storm: Ororo turns around with a faint smile. "We'll stop interrogating you. Get some rest. It'll be about an hour before we get there."
Kurt: Kurt nods, just realizing how exhausted he is.
Storm: Sighinging, Ororo glances at Jean before settling back in front of the controls. "Co-pilot to pilot.... let's just hope the rest is this easy."
Kurt: Curling up in his seat, he whispers an almost inaudible night prayer. "Protect us lord when awake, watch over us as we sleep, that awake we may keep watch with Christ, and asleep, rest in his peace. Amen" And falls asleep.


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