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Once they get back to the hotel after checking out the renovation project and settle in for the night, Angelo stops by Nathan's room for a visit to go over the plan for tomorrow.

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Nathan and Paige on the airplane, while Angelo is sleeping. They bring up how little they expect to go right, cake and boots. Nathan is also drinking. Really, it's a fun time for all.

No more brain breaking. I took enough science classes to know that you sort of need that thing. Annoying mass of jelly. )
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A small plot-enabling vignette. Angelo is watching the news and sees something he doesn't like At All.

Angelo was sprawled lazily on a couch in the rec room, a bag of chips in his hand, more lying than sitting as he half-listened to the news. His attention sharpened, as it usually did even now, when he caught the words "Los Angeles" in the anchor's recitation, and he sat up a little straighter to find out what the piece was about.

"...one of the city's poorer neighborhoods, where regenerative efforts, backed by the new mayor, are being impeded by a small group of local youths. This has taken the form of deliberate obstruction of building works in the area, as well as the theft of tools and other necessary materials. It is not clear at this time why the young men responsible are so resistant to the regeneration, or if anything could persuade them to stop."

At that point, the camera cut from the studio to a reporter on the scene, and Angelo sat bolt upright - it was far more familiar than he liked, and he was starting to get a terrible suspicion... which was shortly to be confirmed, as some none-too-clear CCTV footage came up of the ones believed to be responsible.

He'd have known them anywhere, even now, even in those fuzzy images, and he cursed under his breath, fists clenching involuntarily and crushing his forgotten chips.

The anger quickly gave way to a grim smile, however. He'd just been handed a way he could do something towards that desperately-wanted redemption, with a bit of judgment and a lot of luck.

Time to go back to your roots...


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