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[personal profile] xp_topaz2017-07-02 02:51 pm

How To Kill A Spider || The Mystery

Amanda and Topaz head into town to try and find the shop where the kids got the game. And find precisely nothing.

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How to Kill a Spider - Molly and Sooraya: the Taming of a Spider

When Molly and Sooraya are accosted by a giant spider, Molly end up trying to tame it... 

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How To Kill A Spider - Alex and Kane

Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Kane is close by.

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How To Kill A Spider - Rahne and Monica

It's a normal Sunday - except for one thing. Or maybe, since it's Xavier's, it is normal.

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How To Kill A Spider || The Game Begins

The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

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How To Kill A Spider || The Game

Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out.

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