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A lead takes them to the home of Craig Hollis, who bolts at the sight of the FBI, and is gunned down by Brand trying to escape. That's where it gets weird.

Innocent people don't run. )
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Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand are sent to Milwaukee at SHIELD's request to help in an investigation on a robbery at a US Customs secure facility. It is not the best of beginnings.

The less time we have to spend here, the better. )
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At the hospital, the X-Men and Clarice take down a no longer unconscious Mulwray without setting the hospital on fire. Clarice begins to rethink her status with the X-Men.

Smile like you mean it and let yourself let go )
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An ordinary day at school observing in the ER turns dangerous as Clarice's past as an X-Man catches up to her and it is up to her to prevent a potential disaster.

In any other world you could tell the difference and let it all unfurl into broken remnants )
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Our fearsome foursome splits up to foil Avalanche's plan. Let's go steal us a bank robber.

Doug and Wade delay the silent alarm to get the innocent victim out of the vault. She's not quite so grateful as they might hope...

Ow - motherf- ow, )

Marie-Ange and Jubilee handle Avalanche himself, and leave the NYPD a little early Christmas present.

...what are you doing? )
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The lure of a big score is too much for Avalanche to resist. Now he's back, and looking for a new accomplice.

Here's what you're going to do for me... )
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Tommy is out with friends from his classes in the city, acting more like his old self from before his mutation minus the bigotry, when one of his friends drags him to Vic's workplace for lunch. Tommy is worried Vic will rat him out but they come to an agreement

I'm sure you're a big fan of the big Brood act back at the mansion, Batman, but sometimes? It's really okay to just be Bruce Wayne from time to time. )
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Amanda is looking for Wanda, but comes across Agatha instead.

Did you just offer me a job? )
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Marie-Ange seeks out the people on her list who could be responsible for the effect. At the last house, the home of Ben DeRoy, she finds answers, and a solution to the problem.

Oh, life could be a dream (sha-boom) If I could take you up in paradise up above (sha-boom)  )
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Backdated to the 4th, taking place from then until the 6th, with Kane and Marie returning to the mansion on the 13th.

Marie receives a phone call from Kane, asking her and Logan to come up to Canada as soon as possible. Concerned, Marie contacts Heather Hudson for clarification.

Joseph's been up north again, and he's dropped out of sight. )

Arriving in Canada, they are briefed on Joseph Twoyoungman's disappearance, and asked to help locate him.

We need to find him and those Mounties fast. )

Arriving in the Artic, they pick up on Twoyoungman's tracks, and follow it into the woods with a storm brewing.

Hey Marie, have you ever noticed how old Heather looks for her age? )

They discover the fate of the RCMP detachment originally tasked to find Joseph, and come face to face with a creature none of them have ever seen.

This was no animal attack. )

Following the Wendigo's devestating ambush, Kane comes to and find Twoyoungman, along with what is actually going on here.

You've got the heart of an elephant. Brains too. )

The Wendigo meets the Wolverine.

Weeeeeeennddiiggooooooooo! )

Marie, Joseph, and Kane try to complete the ritual to stop the Wendigo, before he and Logan kill each other.

You going to doubt this magic, boy? )

During the battle, it becomes a question whether defeating the Wendigo means losing Logan forever.

Time to come home, Logan. )

In the post-mission briefing, Minister MacDonald clears up a lot of Kane's outstanding questions, and provides some much needed perspective before sending him back with Marie to the X-Men.

You really are just a beard with an idiot attached to it, aren’t you? )


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