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On the second night of the concerts, the Purifiers make their move. Jean-Phillipe and Scott deal with a clump of them as the crowd starts to panic.

I see them. )

Dori covers Lorna as she shores up the structural integrity of the club.

I liked this better when it was just listening to bands with my boyfriend! )

Laurie does her best to help keep the panicking crowd calm while Korvus addresses the low number of exits in the club.

Perhaps we were due for a task that is easy and safe. )

Not every person from Xavier's at the concerts is an X-Man. Fred helps get Meggan, Pixie, and Artie out safely.

Who should I call? )

Terry and Lex act as the mobile reserve, and go a-hunting when they get a report that Risman is at neither of the concert locations.

Placeholder for unfinished log )
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Nightcrawler and Wildchild deal with Purifiers so that Meltdown and Hubba (Vance) can deal with bombs.

After this, we are never going anywhere ever again... )

Meltdown and Hubba plus bomb squad.

Log Placeholder )

Firestar and Cannonball rescue people swept off the bridge, and stop some of the panicked crowd from going swimming.

Not a great day for a swim, is it? )
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Captured, the prisoners are brought together. Contempt and contention and blame - whose fault is it that the escape attempt failed?

We were never getting out of this together. )

Amanda, Marie-Ange, Doug and Clarice failed to reach any sort of understanding.

Shut up, you stupid cow. )

Korvus fails to get his nose fixed. Clarice gets a lecture.

Given the lack of consideration you just showed in not explaining your idiom, I do not. )

Haller tries and fails to talk to Scott.

I think we should ... walk away now, )

Doug reveals a secret.

Wade's -dead- and you just gave up the one man who might have still felt enough to come in after you. )

Everyone gets a piece of Clarice, and Amanda loses it, right into Lex.

You wanna get out of my grill now, trailer park? )
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When Lex refuses to cooperate with his interrogator, things take a violent turn.

Warning: Graphic violence, language, general content.

Who are the X-Men, Alex? )

Who are the X-Men, Alex? )
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While in the prison yard Sarah, Lex and Tabitha meet another prisoner who has important information about the prison and the people held in it.

Warning: Mention of child death.

I feel safe because I am dead, and the dead can no longer be hurt. )


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