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Backdated to the 10th October

Maya comes across Fourteen while looking for the lair of a fox. Things do not go as expected, for either of them.

You introduce yourself like that to everyone you meet, or am I somehow special? )
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After a night in the hell that was sun-shiny-happy-land, Fourteen just wants to be left alone. At least, that's what she thinks. Jubilee is there to make everything even more complicated.

Must have been a bit of a surprise, ending up somewhere you didn't expect without warning. )
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As Topaz's mind becomes ever-more hostile, the group encounters a surprise visitor.

Aw, what the fucking hell. )

Hope and Haller fail to escape, but make a different sort of headway.

It's almost like it's clinging to them...  )
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Topaz, Rachel, Jean and Haller wake up to find themselves in a dark and lonely place.

Question is, how? And why? )

For Meggan, Hope, Emma, Quentin and Fourteen, everything is puppydogs and rainbows. Literally. To an unbearable degree.

Something was invading my head and trying to push out everything negative. Fucking psychic quicksand. )
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Marie-Ange visits the Stepford sisters to try to get them settled in - and then get them setup with identities they can live with. It turns into a game of conversational chess that Fourteen isn't aware that Marie-Ange isn't really playing.

Wha? Shopping? Like... normal human interactions? -Yes-. God, please yes. )
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Well... that's certainly one definition of 'talking to yourself'. Even if the other you isn't really you at all, it's an incredibly surreal experience. Doesn't help they're both incredibly paranoid.

We are NOT you. )
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Marie-Ange has one of her little moments - in Emma Frost's office, when Emma's not there. Doug is there - but doesn't manage to keep Marie-Ange from going at some important papers with a pair of scissors.

Big brother? No, no the dolls do not want to play with boys much. Perhaps their choir teacher, appointed by the queen? Teach them how to sing. )

Then - they tell Emma. It goes about as well as can be expected, until there is an interruption.

Shields of diamond tried to crash down but even Emma's iron control couldn't drive out this psyche. )


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