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After the events in San Francisco Kurt feels compelled to conclude a bit of unfinished business in the Medlab.

We both had alternatives )
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Marius finally seeks out Jennie to talk about what he's learned happened over the course of the last two months. Jennie shows him the lesson is far from over.

That's it? )
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Angelo goes to see Marie to get some answers about Manuel, and comes to a slightly surprising conclusion.

Ah know that's not easy for you to say. )
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Ororo goes to Kurt's room, worried by his seclusion over the weekend, and they have a fairly intense conversation, during which Kurt is... not himself.

You are not a monster, Kurt. )
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Ororo shows up at Scott's office door with a certain feline escapee. They talk about a matter of concern - specifically Kurt, in the aftermath of what he had to do in Monaco - and then Scott suggests to Ororo that they do something novel, and actually go out for the evening. She thinks it's a fine idea.

It's too quiet. )
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Haller is apparently feeling the stress of the job he no longer actually has, so Cain offers his support. Well. "Support."

The hell's goin' on? )
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Backdated to Friday evening - Amanda comes back from Albany to find her two best friends waiting for her with news.

(For the sake of actually having something to log, we're assuming Wanda called in the basics of what happened during Bleeding, same info as Storm gave, since none of the SV people nor Angelo can read the staff board. Hope that's okay.)

Um, what did I do? )
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Ororo's working on the incident report from Monaco without much success. Her fellow overworker-in-crime comes in to suggest she take a break, and finds that she needs much more than that.

How could I let that happen? )
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The aftermath. Marie visits Kurt in Marius's hospital room. And finds him profoundly changed.

Karma police, I've given all I can, its not enough / I've given all I can, but we're still on the payroll )

Wanda and Rahne go to get updates on the other two. It's not good news.

This is what you get, when you mess with us )

Finally, Ororo and Marie make their way to the Police Station, where someone else is waiting for them to take her home.

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself. )
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Ororo finally locates one of the wayward students. And things do not go well.

And everything I've hoped to be or ever thought I was )

The kids may be found, but nothing about this situation is clean.

Died with your belief in me so who the hell am I )

Thanks to Manuel's influence, half the staff find an entire club standing between them and their wayward students. The skirmishes are brief, but cost precious time.

The more that you deny my pain/The more it intensifies )

As Wanda and Rahne head the pursuit, the kids' luck finally runs out.

Once I swore I would die for you/But I never meant it like this )

And, too late, the last errant student arrives on-scene.

No, I never meant like this )
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Late night in the office, and over dinner, Doug and Marie-Ange make a breakthrough on two of the five W's regarding Jennie and Marius. Where... and Who.

So, where do you go if you are young and used to being rich, and trying to earn money? )


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