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And gets a bit of a surprise for his welcome home. Terry waits in his suite to tell him what happened between her and Manuel. Monday, around 5:30ish.

And I swear, I didn't do this on purpose but... )

A while later, Angelo comes back to find his roommate home and moping. Bobby tells him why, and appoints Angelo 'door guard'.

Apparently the rioters weren't the only thing heating things up in Seattle last week. )
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Back at the hotel, Forge, Marius and Jennie discuss the situation, get into the minibar - and then hear about the monorail.

Unreal. This is worse'n World Cup. )

The riot, at last, burns itself out. Shiro runs into the young woman he encountered almost twenty-four hours earlier. Wanda and Nathan collapse at the hangar, while Marie-Ange and Jubilee long for showers and an hungover Manuel arrives with the other students from the hotel.

Bangs and whimpers. )

At the hospital, Alex arrives via teleportation and finds Jean in the waiting room. Shared worry and apologies are on the menu for the evening.

Where is he? What's going on? )

On the flight back, Cain plays pillow.

Well-deserved rest. )

After arriving back at the mansion, Nathan finds Moira waiting up for him. They agree that there will be no more field trips for him, and he shares the news about Scott.

Time to turn off CNN. Finally. )
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During the rioting, Clarice helps respond with RedX. Unsurprisingly, she has to deal with people from both sides of the rioting, but maybe, just maybe, she can get through to someone without violence. And a little glitter ;)

We know we have to put aside our opinions and everyday feelings and treat all sick people in front of us. - Dr. Eran Halperin )
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Things slide further out of control, and Scott and Jean find themselves dealing with a mutant who's using the opportunity to indulge his pyromaniac side. Literally.

6pm: There are still people in the building! )

Jubilee, taking a brief break with the riot squad she's been working with, is overwhelmed right along with them when they're rushed by a crowd of rioters. Rescue comes from an unexpected direction.

7pm: So much for the mob mentality. )

At the summit site, Cain and Alison find themselves the ones holding the line. And a year almost to the day since the events that left her with a certain mental block, Alison breaks through it and rediscovers that aspect of her powers at the best moment imaginable.

8pm: Time for a magic trick. )
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Noon, and the situation is far from under control. Ferrying the injured to the triage center, Kurt and Warren run into trouble. Seattle is not a good place to be a visible mutant today.

12pm: Angels of mercy or mutie police. All in the eye of the beholder. )

"Shopping" during a riot is very tempting for some but it can be risky business. Scott and Jean manage to discourage a looter without laying a finger on him. (And not just because Jean is telekinetic.)

3pm: Don't call her sweetheart, jackass. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. )

Seventeen hours in, and exhaustion's starting to take hold. Nathan and Wanda are swept together by the tides of the riot and do what they can to help handle an angry crowd, including one very hostile plasma projector.

5pm: Still too much red in the lines. )
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Early on, Sam and Shiro are scouting for the team from the air, and have a brief confrontation with a pair of mutants caught in the riots.

3am: Where in the Sam Hill is the National Guard? )

Doug and Marie-Ange, accompanying one of the riot squads, help defuse a situation that could have turned very ugly very fast.

6am: Are they pro-mutant, anti-mutant, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? )

Bobby, working riot control with the police, is called upon to help corral a hydrokinetic bearing some striking similarities to an old friend.

10am: Haven't you ever heard of water conservation? )
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Nathan, waiting for the Blackbird to land, has a brief and reassuring talk with the police captain waiting with him.

We're all in the same boat. )

As the team's getting organized for deployment into the city, Scott and Jean have a last calm moment to muster their resolve.

No more field trips for Nathan. )
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While Seattle burns in the riot on Tuesday night, Manuel and Terry heat things up among themselves - aided by copious amounts of Jameson's. The next morning, things cool off rapidly.

WARNING: Long. Rated R for Adult Themes, Adult Situations.

You just used your throat poorly )
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While waiting at the hotel, Nathan and Jubilee have a heart-to-heart. Twenty stories above a riot. No one ever said these two didn't have a weird relationship.

Any opportunity for contemplation. )

On his way out with Jean and the others to meet the X-Men at the airfield, Nathan makes a few stops first - asking Angelo to keep an eye on things, appealing to Manuel's better nature, and informing Marius that he's not allowed to eat anyone while the adults are gone.

I hate to do this to you... )

If you catch anyone about to be stupid, you have my permission to encourage them to stay in their suites. )

This would be a very bad time for you to have one of those unthinkingly hungry moments. )
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A phone call is made to the mansion, and the X-Men field leaders find themselves with an operation to plan unlike anything the team has seen before.

... as many as forty thousand people in the streets. )
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Wanda and Forge talk about cities, and then Wanda realizes that there's something about to be very wrong with the one in which they're standing.

City streets and the stories that they tell... )

Nathan and Jean, out to get a sense of the atmosphere on the streets, see a demonstration turn ugly.

... they can be heaven or they can be hell. )
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Early morning in Seattle, Jean goes to check out breakfast and discovers she's not the only early riser. She and Terry talk.

Do you think that the law will end up on our side? )
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Nathan, doing the responsible thing, checks up on Manuel to make sure that he's doing OK.

How are you feeling? )
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At the hotel, Angelo and Rahne are watching the local news and discovering that what they were noticing at the airport is being reflected city-wide.

It echoes our past and it's coming on fast. )

Nathan, alone in his room, finds out that it's his turn to have a Vague Precognitive Moment.

And the centuries will never apologize. )

Jean calls Scott to report on the situation, and they get somewhat pensive about the possibilities.

What song ever stopped a war? )
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Feeling like the world forgot her birthday, Jennie broods in her hotel room, unaware that Nathan has a surprise in store for her.

Room service )
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Angie and Doug check into their hotel room. Marie-Ange is having a bad feeling, and Doug tries to help her narrow it down a bit. They don't have much luck, and Doug decides to not worry about it in favor of ordering room service.

Well, suppose we build a large wooden badger... )
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When the field trip group arrives, they find out that the Seattle airport is a rather busy place on Halloween, thanks to the summit. It's not unexpected, but the tone of the crowd is oppressive, and Jennie gets to experience that up-close and personal.

What we need is a flower down the barrel of a gun )

Jubilee and Forge retrieve their luggage and ponder the potential for trouble.

The whole world stayed up for the show. )

Nathan is sizing up the crowd and not liking what he sees. He and Wanda agree that it would be good to get out of the airport and to the hotel, even before Marie-Ange shows up with her 'my precognition is pinging me' face on.

Just get me to my war on time. )


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