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North returns from a mission gone wrong, and Felicia finds him

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Yeah, life is weird and terrible, but people still need to eat. Look, on screen progress of the North and Felicia relationship in a short, only kind of sickening, log! 

I go to the bi-weekly meal, I get reminded again I'm not married. Repeat until one of us dies. )
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North and Sydney track down the industrial spy to a hotel in St. Petersburg and have a productive conversation regarding the lost materials.

Calm down, princess. Who did you sell the your research to? )
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Felicia and North meet for drinks; they don't really discuss where they've been. The usual; short and sweet and to the point.

I have had a recent hankering for chicken Kiev from a very specific restaurant tucked away in a corner of the city... )
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After failing to trigger North's precognition while sparring, he and Wade set up shop to leave some surprises for the thieves in their lives.

I suppose that would be tamer than the pressure release knives I have set up for Jubilation. )
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Emma finally discovers the source of the call for help they've been seeking, and makes some hard decisions in regards to it.

These aren't normal power regulators. )
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North gets played into teaching Maya how to fight. It works out. Now Wade owes North all the alcohol.

I'm going to waste both our times by not listening and only putting in a token effort )
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So, remember that one time Felicia stole all of North's clothes and sent them to her tailor? This is the retribution.

Fancy meeting you here. In my apartment. )


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