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The last of the X-Men flee, but the carnage continues.

Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death.

We can take care of Magneto. )
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More fall as Jean sounds the retreat.

Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death.

Open sesame. )
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More X-Men fall as they battle with the Brotherhood.

Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death.

Think a Wolverine's heart would make a tasty treat? )
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In a desperate battle in the underground, the X-Men suffer their first casualties.

Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death.

How many did Magneto manage to bring? )
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Lorna's team sees the counterattack by the Brotherhood, forcing them to flee

Say goodbye to your pretty eyes, )
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Lorna leads a team into the command centre of the Muir Island facility only to discover a nasty surprise.

Very bad. Check the monitors. )
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Kurt leads a team into the basements to try and stop the Brotherhood

Then let us waste no time )
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Adrienne, Haller and Kurt find Tandy and someone else.

This plot has some potentially distressing content

Show me your fears... ) Scott and Kane enter the chaotic scene and the tables are turned.

This plot has some potentially distressing content

Imps. Why not? )

Kurt takes Tandy outside where they have a last run in with Nathan. Tandy fights back.

This plot has some potentially distressing content

I won't let you hurt anyone else. )
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X-Men meet up with Kane and SHIELD in Guatemala, South America to get Tandy back.

This plot has some potentially distressing content

Welcome to the back of beyond. Population unknown. )
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The X-men gather with Adrienne and the Professor for a briefing before heading off to rescue Tandy.
we will get Tandy back )
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After a chance meeting in the garage, Fred finally manages to ask Scott something he's been thinking about...

Welcome to the team Fred. )
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Nanny and Orphan Maker get in the car, but Nanny encounters problems in the form of the Wasp.

This will not hurt a bit, I promise. Those people will go to sleep and then we can bring you safely home where you belong. )

When a frenzied Orphan Maker tries to hurt Alice, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Grab on! )

Amidst the chaos, Nightcrawler tries to help one of the Lost Children and Wasp watches over the fallen Hayes family.

Now, pick up your things and come with me. It will all be all right now. )

While fighting one of the Lost Children, Firestar discovers how ruthless Nanny truly can be to her children.

People don't always keep their promises. )

Monet and one of the Lost Children, a speedster, mix it up. And the day...is saved.

Seriously, stop it. )
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After escaping to the Florida Keys, the Hayes family are on their way back their from Miami when they are intercepted by Nanny, her Lost Children, and Orphan Maker.

Kids or not, we can't let them take us. We'll have to make sure of that, whatever it takes. )

Just when it seems like the Hayes family is cornered, the cavalry arrives in the form of the X-Men.

I'm getting too old for this. )

While the X-Men are distracted by battling with the Lost Children, Nanny and Orphan Maker close in on the Hayes Family.

I will take this car apart like a discarded toy and take her by force. If you do not want to be harmed, you will let her go calmly. )
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Doreen calls her mother to ask a very important question, and ends up weaseling her way into the answer she wants, for better or for worse...

...and if you don't sign off on this I'll do it when I'm eighteen, but I'd really rather you be cool with it Mom. )
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Going over Angel's progress with the X-Men leads to something Angel hadn't expected to achieve for a long time.

Where do you feel like you're at with your training? )


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