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When an old system of hers trips, Sue finds the source to be filled with new information.

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Lorna and Alex are on their way to start their honeymoon. And are being everything you expect from newlyweds

knew I had to lock you down )
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After some serious discussion, Angelo tells Sooraya some exciting news. 

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Warren sees Lorna before she is dressed and he is freaking out.

Way to ruin the moment )

Wedding Crasher arrives and greets Charles like an old friend.

I don't recall your name on the guest list. )

Charles gathers Alex and Scott in Lorna's tent and tells them the situation.

I'm sure it'll be fine )

Erik sees his daughter to wish her happiness and to ask her to comeback to the Brotherhood.

You don't need resort to violence to get my attention )
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A random encounter in the rec room leads to talk about Asgard, teams and powers.

Were you like five before you went and now you're an adult? )
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Laurie and Garrison train, it goes about as well as you'd expect from these two.

Yeah. You know this is stupid, right? This is as asymmetrical a battle as you could ask for. )
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Topaz drops by to talk to Amanda about the Dark Dimension. She only avoided it for a day, she must be progressing.

And? C'mon, Topaz, you know better than that. I'll just keep poking. )
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Kitty, Scott, Logan and Rogue go on a nice, relaxing long weekend of camping and nature. Nothing ever goes as is planned.

..They were supposed to unpack, relax and just enjoy nature. Instead, they were greeted with a destroyed cabin.  )
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Julian is still in shock over being in another Dimension and what he saw there. Tandy helps him out.

I don't have...your experience...with going...off world )
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Julian, Hope and Topaz try to take care of Tandy a bit after Adrienne goes into a coma. 

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Hope stops by to see Topaz after her other worldly adventures. Topaz is... not okay? It's hard to tell.

Just... just keep doing this. )


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