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At the BBQ, Nathan stakes out a chair, as befits a semi-convalescent. He and Julio talk about work and the upcoming semester.

I do so love how you all seem to forget that I'm actually a responsible adult most of the time... )

Later, he and Amanda catch up.

Spoiling all my fun. Shame on him. )
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Bad weather strikes on the last night of camping. Nathan and Jean-Paul discuss Jeanne-Marie and contemplate ghost stories.

Ghost stories? I have a head full of them, if you count the ones from the future... )
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Cammie quite literally drags Jake to the mansion to apologize to Jean-Paul, who doesn't want to hear it. To make a bad day worse, Jake then runs into Nathan.

Kick the puppy, Nathan. Kick him hard. It's for his own good. )
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Nathan summons Julian to the boathouse to talk about more controlled methods of training. The conversation proceeds to get a little deeper than expected.

'Eggs.' 'You're joking.' )
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Adrienne stops by the infirmary to visit Nathan, bearing gifts. The conversation goes unexpectedly awry, however, and she finds herself playing an unfamiliar role.

Shaw has lackeys. I lunch with them. I learn things. )
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Jennie finally gets off her butt to visit Nate, and talk turns to the Future. Jennie irritates Grumpy Bear, and he retaliates by scaring the hell out of her.

It was a good thing Jennie wasn't a telepath, otherwise Nate would be the recipient of a slap upside the head. )
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Backdated to Friday 7th August 2009 12 Noon

Laurie comes to talk to Jean about the possibility of getting Nathan up and about a little quicker then usual.

Oh, dearest mentor, please teach me more about these excellent movies from what must have been your <i>very</i> early childhood )


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