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Weary and disheartened, most of the team begins the return trip to the mansion, phoning ahead to make sure certain arrangements are made before their arrival.

We should probably have someone clean out the deep freeze in the kitchen. )
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Our heroes move forward, unto the breach, but find themselves facing a very, very disconcerting storage closet... and then Lyton trips over a brazier in her effort to escape them, waking someone they all wish she hadn't.

This magic is as old as my Kingdom, and not as kind. )

Meanwhile, Molly and Ev reach a disturbing conclusion about the portal.

It's not as advanced, but… it could be used to funnel magic without needing a human or mutant spellcaster )

Topaz attempts to give Lyton what comfort she can.

I only wanted to find the truth. And for everyone to stop laughing at me — I showed them! )

Molly finally reaches Clint, informing him of the potential danger regarding the portal's stability, and he calls Matt and Namor back so they don't get trapped halfway around the world.

I have no idea when the magic is going to run out. Could be five minutes, could be five hours. )
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Thanks to Dom's tech savviness, Clint and the rest of his team locate and catch up to Lyton, but she's very intent up not being caught. Cue car chases!

Ooooookay, so that's a portal. )

The second SUV full of mansionites arrives and Clint briefs them on the developments so far.

Be care— just don't do anything extraordinarily dumb. )
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Another lunch after another therapy session, and Topaz calls Doug on his hypocrisy. Also possibly there's a little blackmail. Just a tiny bit.

Funny how your good deeds always come back to bite you )
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Topaz tries to do the self-care thing alone like a responsible person. Doug is still being ordered around by Marie-Ange.

You know we don't blame you, right? )
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Betsy arrives at the mansion. Topaz has been roped in to giving the new girl the tour.

I assume you’re the poor sod who’s been tasked with showing me around, then? )
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Topaz drops in to Snow Valley to visit Clea. And you know, casually apologize for being a self-sacrificing idiot who needed to be rescued.

But if anyone steals you away again, you can bet I will be there to find you. )

Same discussion, different person. Stephen is surprisingly wise. And then he's Stephen again and all is right.

When you start winning every time, it's time to find new opponents before you get comfortable )
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Doug collects Topaz for therapy. Topaz is uncertain. The threat of Marie-Ange looms over them both.

I don't need therapy. I mean, I don't need any more therapy. )
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Topaz faces her fears - and Marie-Ange. Conversations with MA are weird sometimes.

Fun Fact: Sam and Frito wrote this log in literally one night. They don't know how it happened.

Being your test taster sounds like a noble way to die. Let’s do this. )
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No one is actually okay and everyone is surprisingly candid about that. Whole new world.

Telling on me for my own since twenty-fifteen. )


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