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After getting picked up in Siberia, it's only a short time before Terry's on another trip, this time back home where Bobby has considerably news that's a definite improvement over the last few days. Backdated to Nov 1st.

But I also dreamt which charmed me most that you loved me still the same )
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Terry and Bobby celebrate her 19th birthday. She gets presents. Backdated like crazy

Beidh an macalla inár n-aice-ne ag gáirí beidh na mná sí is braoine ar a gcláirsigh )
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Bobby and Terry head to the airport for Bobby's flight to Ireland. Of course, this is the absolute best time to start a huge fight, right as they are about to put an ocean between them for the next 6+ weeks.

Well pardon me for being concerned. I didn't realise that was such a terrible thing for a wife to do when she's not going to be around.  )
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Bobby finally tells Angelo about Ireland, now that things have settled a bit in Angelo's life. Now everyone important knows. Backdated to yesterday at lunch, before the public announcement was made on the journals.

So...lots of changes these days, huh? )
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Since she asked him out earlier in the day, Terry and Bobby go for some dinner and dancing. Terry asks how Angelo is and somehow that leads to them having a small argument. They make up without really having resolved anything. Not that that's shocking.

I've had a knack from way back )
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Bobby goes to visit Angelo, taking him a Lorna-made lunch. Several subjects are avoided, while others are broached cautiously, but the important thing is, Angelo eats something, right?

If you let him up, you can eat too, Joyita.  )
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It's been a while building but Terry and Bobby finally come to a decision about something that will change their lives forever. Then they have to decide who to tell first.

So. I guess it's really real, huh? )
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After a Danger Room session, Bobby and Scott talk. Yes, really. Actual conversation. Well, sort of.

Oh, cripes, there were the puppy-dog eyes... )
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Terry and Bobby take a trip up to Boston to see his family. Some parts of his family take their presence better than others. Backdated to Thanksgiving

Where are you from? I'll bet it's Wales. I just adore Wales. )
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After getting back from speaking with Miriam, Terry gets shanghaied by Amelia. Bobby is dragged along for the fun. Needles abound. Backdated to yesterday

So. What's up, doc?  )
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Bobby has a little trouble waking up Terry on Monday. It soon becomes evident why.

Come on, lazybones. At least get up and eat some breakfast. )

Down in the infirmary, Amelia tries to figure out what's gone wrong this time while the Professor plays translator. He also has a suggestion for Terry that calms her considerably.

how dare you be ill, you tiresome child, now sit down and shut up while I fix you )
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Bobby and Terry are minding their own business when the Three Amigos decide to join them. Marius has overheard something interesting and wants to extend his congratulations. Terry is less than amused.

Mind the sharing of space, or will we be transgressing upon the exchange of sweet nothings? )
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Terry and Bobby discuss which in-laws to spend which holidays with. By the end of the log, Terry's looking for honey, who knows why because it's pretty cavity-causing in there already.

I thought that maybe we could go to your parents for Thanksgiving. )


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