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On the second night of the concerts, the Purifiers make their move. Jean-Phillipe and Scott deal with a clump of them as the crowd starts to panic.

I see them. )

Dori covers Lorna as she shores up the structural integrity of the club.

I liked this better when it was just listening to bands with my boyfriend! )

Laurie does her best to help keep the panicking crowd calm while Korvus addresses the low number of exits in the club.

Perhaps we were due for a task that is easy and safe. )

Not every person from Xavier's at the concerts is an X-Man. Fred helps get Meggan, Pixie, and Artie out safely.

Who should I call? )

Terry and Lex act as the mobile reserve, and go a-hunting when they get a report that Risman is at neither of the concert locations.

Placeholder for unfinished log )
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Terry stops by Doug's office after a day in the office with the 'feebs'. They both try their hardest to avoid certain things, and Terry drops an unexpected twist on things.

No rest for the wicked, et cetera )
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Deafened and losing her voice due to the suppression of her abilities, a worn down Terry reveals important information to her interrogator.

I can help you, Terry. )
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Doug is one of the first to be taken in for interrogation. Things do not go very well. Someone else is brought in to persuade him to talk.

Warning: Disturbing content. Torture, waterboarding, violence.

I. Am. Not. A. Traitor. )

What is she doing in here? )


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