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Remy encounters Marie-Ange trying to drink some answers out of a bottle of stolen bourbon and gives her some good answers, and a lot more questions too.

It's late, it's been a long week, and you're sitting alone at you desk with a bottle of tragic bourbon like dis was an Elmore Leonard novel.  )
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Lorna is leaving when she bumps into Remy and spills the beans. Remy isn't too sure and asks her to do a re-test.

You figure that one out and I will cook you dinner for a year )
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Remy takes Jubilee out for a little walk - as always, it leads to interesting places.

We need to talk. It's time to grow up, Lee. )
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Artie asks Remy for a job in X Force. The conversation doesn't go the way the boy expected it to go.

Read more... )
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Backdated to October. Doug comes to Remy's office to talk about a lot of things.

What do you need, Doug? )


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