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Following his rescue from Japan, Shiro meets with Xavier, who thinks he has pinpointed the cause of Shiro's problems and offers a difficult solution.

I think it would be best if you stopped using the word 'crazy', Shiro. )
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Following Marie-Ange's vision, the X-Men find Shiro plotting a final desperate plan at Atsuta Shrine.

If I can get through the night, I wonder if I can betray such pain )

Jean-Paul desperately tries once again to reach out to Shiro, this time with better results.

Reflecting the future you believe in to the infinitely spreading cosmos. )

With a lucid Shiro now recovered, the X-Men maneuver their enemies to fight each other.

The sadness that goes at full speed is painful. )
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On their way over to Japan, Jean-Paul and Marius talk for the first time since the former's rescue from Shrine and the latter's witnessing of Shrine's fate.

Ah, hello . . . person whom I have in no way been avoiding. )

The X-Men track down Shiro to Mount Fuji, but they're not the only ones searching for Sunfire.

There are no ninja in Quebec, and there are ninja here, in Japan, trying to kill me. )
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Over an awkward dinner, wrong questions are asked and silence is pressing until the two reclaim why they were together in the first place.

Do you like us being different? )
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Upon hearing about the near-disaster in the Danger Room, Jean-Paul goes to try and talk Shiro out of his usual self-flagellation.

My punishment must be just for what I have done. )
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Backdated to Thursday night, after this log. Scott finds Shiro in the infirmary after the incident in the Danger Room. He is not pleased.

You going to tell me what the fuck you two morons thought you were doing? )
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Shiro takes his aggrivations of his ended relationship with Kali on the danger room. Jay gets up in the cross fire and the pair collide, temperments shifting when the scenario escalates.

I bow before your acute observational skills )
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After an afternoon romp, Shiro lets slip a shameful little half-secret that Jay doesn't take well, but both of them are committed to rectifying the problem. Warning for a slightly smutty beginning.

Godamnit Shiro, you're just like... like Kevin. )


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