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During the afternoon outing arranged the day before, Scott and Rahne wind up spending some time together at the animal shelter. They talk a little about Rahne's 'adventure' in Afghanistan. Then Scott is ambushed by something small and fluffy.

Take, take me home... )
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Nathan and Angelo get around to drawing up a report on what information they did manage to bring back from Afghanistan. It's just another day at the office until Nathan has another one of his TK fits and a migraine (in that order) and Angelo chases him to off to get some rest. (Guest-starring the new Elpis secretary. Any guesses on how long this one will last?)

The paperwork gets you going and coming... )
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Another morning discovery, this time for Nate and Angelo.

Trust me, there's not going to be any negotiating. )

On their way to find the girls, Nate speaks with Bobby about doing what needs to be done.

Ice up the sides. )

It's all on Bobby to make or break it, now.

~Truly impressive.~ )

Nate and Angelo make use of some specially-trained horses to come to the rescue.

Let's go get the girls. )

Safe and relatively sound, Sooraya has one last decision to make.

~Is it safe?~ )
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Purchase made, Nate now has only to convince her of his good intentions - easier said than done.

~Please... why are you doing this?~ )
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It's morning in Asadabad, and Nate heads out to the market. Not too surprisingly, his attention is caught by one of Afghanistan's less-than-legal goods, and he makes an offer the seller can't refuse.

~How much?~ )
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At the hotel, Angelo checks in on Nathan and finds him sound asleep at his laptop. He's in the process of pulling the blinds when the furniture in the room starts to move. And no, it's not an earthquake.

Nate! Wake up! )
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Nathan and Bobby decide to try and make use of their 'day off' in Asadabad and see if they can talk their way into possession of hard copies of any records on child disappearances in the area.

Sometimes you had to play bureaucrat. )
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Nathan and Angelo meet with Nathan's local contact. They don't have a lot to go on, but since when has that ever stopped them before?

Tea and information-sharing. )
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Nathan took Rahne to Afghanistan and forgot to give her a fairly significant piece of country-specific gear. Rahne is perhaps a bit apprehensive still, but Nathan makes it very clear that he has faith in her.

Demure is as demure does. )


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