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Jean and Charles go to visit Doctor Essex and discuss the students Ahab had kidnapped, as well as some of their less-than-comfortable shared history.

Jean's eyes widened slightly as her gaze shifted to Charles, but she didn't say anything. )
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Jennie visits Marius in person for the first time since being released from the Medlab. She manages to throw nothing at his head.

You made a mess. )
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Pete stops in at the mansion with some files for the team, and finds Nathan and Rachel down by the lake. It's not the first conversation the two men have had this week, however.

I've decided that the last few days were an extended hallucination. )
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Now that the physical damage has been undone, it's time to repair the mental conditioning. It's Jim who helps Jennie, but he has to find her first.

Ready )
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With the data retrieved from Dr. Campbell's labs, Forge jumps to a conclusion and goes to the one person who's enough of a bastard to be willing to follow up on it.

What is done out of love takes place beyond good and evil. ~Nietzsche )
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At the hospital, Scott checks on a still-shocky Ororo, then has a brief and somewhat bitter conversation with Pietro.

Is any of this blood yours? )
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Nathan prepares something for the mission. Ororo is very glad she decides to check on him while he's working.

Isn't that a little too much Semtex, Nathan? )
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Feeding time. There's goat for dinner. George, one of the mercanaries gets to watch.

Warning for somewhat graphic content. And goats.

George, you're up! It's feeding time. )
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backdated to a little earlier in the evening. There is laser tag. Julio teaches Laurie the fine art of being a sniper.

I believe it is time for your next lesson. Duck and cover. )
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Nathan and Ororo head into the city to meet the broker hiring mercenaries for Rory. The broker is understandably concerned with things like confidentiality and his reputation. The two X-Men? Not so much.

Sorry for the mess. )


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