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In the middle of Manhattan, 2007 meets 200 million BC.

Julio and Scott wind up stuck in a traffic jam, and are the first of many to encounter Manhattan's newest tourists. The thirty-foot-tall carnivorous type. And to make matters more interesting, the Black King and Rook of the Hellfire Club put in an appearance.

'I say, Sebastian. This reminds me of that safari we took in Kenya!' )

Some people you just do not mess with before their morning coffee. No matter how many sharp teeth you have.

'For the sake of my sanity, I am going to pretend that that didn't just happen, and that my life is not yet so completely fucking absurd that I'm having to kill Spielberg's leftover special effects just to get some fucking breakfast.' )

Not everything coming from the distant past is reptilian. Some are large, hooved, and sport some powerful horns. Luckily, someone's willing to play cowboy.

The hat, of course, went firmly on his head. )

In millennia past, there was no fury greater than that of a dinosaur deprived of its prey. In 2007, it's a woman deprived of her shopping. Now make that multiple women...

'Wow. Who would have thought Miss Perfect would have such a nasty right hook?' )
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Pete meets with the local Iraqi military commander to try to keep the peace long enough for the team at the camp to contain the situation.

Though all the kingdoms turn to sand... )

After resting for the night, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Amanda go forth to cross the underground river they'd found, and of -course- the river doesn't stay shallow. That would make things easy.

And fall into the sea )

Doug, on the other hand, is still at camp. Still beset upon to translate everyone to everyone else, and it's getting worse, not better. Now the effect has spread outside the camp, and the Iraqi troops nearby take great offense to losing their ability to communicate.

Tell me, how much longer? How much longer? )

Remy does what Remy does best - uses the connections from his past to piece together enough information to figure out what is going on.

And though you hold the keys to ruin )

Finally reaching the center of the ruins, the women find the remains of a huge round room. It could even be described as tower-like. They also find their culprit, and he is somewhat upset to meet them. He's also rather fanatical. Sadly for him, he's also rather inept at fighting. Amanda breaks a Device, Wanda breaks a Phone and Marie-Ange gets to kick some Butt.

Of everything I see )

The problem of the bomb remains. What do you do when you've got a bomb, no way to move it, and no combat engineers or explosives ordinancepersonnel to disarm it? You call an expert.

With every prison blown to dust... )

Alone, bruised and with no way to fuel his power, Mark finds himself seemingly trapped. And then he is saved, by the power of a capella Beatles.

My enemies walk free. )
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Amanda, Doug, Marie-Ange, Sofia and Wanda approach the dig site. Well before they arrive, they come into range of the mystery communication problem. Almost immediately, Doug realizes he's the only person who can be understood, and the implications of what that means he'll have to do.

A stone's throw from Jerusalem, I walked a lonely mile in the moonlight. )

Meanwhile, Mark, Pete and Remy arrive in Syria to investigate. For Pete and Remy, the warnings about the local 'issues' are old hat, but for Mark, it's something new.

These are the works of man, This is the sum of our ambition. )
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Saturday afternoon, Ororo and Remy really talk things over. (No really. Really talking. Really.)

Remy already took out dat full page ad in de New York Times for tomorrow. )

Then they meet up with the Snow Valley crew for some more talk, this time of the teasing variety.

Reeemy has a giiiirlfrieeeend. )

And then a slightly-drunken talk with Amanda ensues, in which Ororo is assured that really, this is a good thing.

I s'pose we'll be seein' more of you 'round the place now? )
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Angelo manages to catch Domino awake, and gets to talk to her a little about what happened when the bomb went off. Afterwards, he catches up with Pete and gets a little perspective. Back at the villa, Joel reappears and adds his two cents' worth.

Points of view. )
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Nathan drags Pete off to update him privately on the events of the day. Later, after they've finally gotten some good news, Nathan is about this close to going postal on some overly persistent journalists when Joel shows up at exactly the right moment - and then sets Nathan a challenge he hadn't expected.

Hope is a risk that must be run. )
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Remy collects his parcel. It's kind of disastrous.

'Merde'? Merde doesn't sound good. )

Following that conversation with Moira, Remy has news for the X-Force team. As usual, it's not good.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Infection. )

OOC: Many apologies for the delay. It's all the Yellow Griffin's fault.
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X-Force invade China. With a little bit of help from some unexpected quarters.

The Chinese are less picky about the death penalty than your country, American. )

In the barracks, things get bloody as Pete, Remy and Sarah make sure there are no nasty surprises for the rest of the team.

Shout if anyone else tries to kill you. )

Whilst mayhem is being wrecked elsewhere, Mark, Marie-Ange and Wanda are on security detail.

And so far, the imp has not gotten lasered, cut to bits, burnt or squashed, so I believe we are safe. )

Down in Xorn's containment area, things get seriously trippy. And Betsy gets to stab people in the brain.

It will be difficult, but we have heard that you are great. )

An ending. A pilgrimage is begun, and it's suggested Essex might have been a little over-dramatic in his assessment.

He took no notice of the wind or the cold, stepping out on to the frozen ground and walking away. )
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Speaking of food for thought... The talk with Nate stirred up a lot and Amanda is going through it all when Pete drops by to find out how things went with Emma. Or, rather, being Amanda and the way she carries guilt around like a security blanket, she's moping and Pete interrupts. He gives her another perspective on things.

Nothing ever came of a life that was a simple one/Pull yourself together girl, have a little fun. )
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Wisdom, Betsy, and Remy follow Emma Frost to their new home, as she outlines exactly how to repay the favour that Pete called in.

I'm hoping living here won't be made mandatory )
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In the aftermath of Romany's rescue, Pete proves he's still able to surprise Remy when he makes him an offer.

I'm sick of letting them get away with it. )
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On a hilltop in Lancashire, Pete and his friends catch up with the men who took Romany.  They want her back, and they're prepared to be very unpleasant about it indeed.  The results are predictably swift and messy, because these people are professionals.  They don't just charge in with a half-baked plan.  No.  Their plans are fully baked.


Remy is the first to make contact with the enemy.  He's a lot slower than he used to be, but no less effective for it.

Out walking the dog )

Wanda's up next, just to make sure there's plenty of chaos to cover everyone's activities.

There were plenty of things to go wrong )

Pete and Amanda make sure Romany gets away

A flash of Pete's hotknives and the ropes binding Romany fell away )

Of course, it all goes so much easier where there's a telepath on your side...

He hadn't even noticed the flash of purple )

Amanda and Romany's escape isn't totally without a hitch...

Should have checked for ambush. )

Doug and Marie-Ange, meanwhile, are stuck waiting with the friends Pete has brought along to help tidy up.  It's not the most exciting job in the world, but Doug suddenly realises why Pete dragged thme along too...

I know why we're here )

Trusting Amanda to get Romany away, Pete takes care of a few loose ends

You're nicked, me old son. )

It's all over bar the shouting, but sometimes there's still a last spanner fate can throw in the works.

You going to be by the Crown again before you fuck off? )


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