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Pete makes it back to his apartment, in some pain.
Job Done )
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Nathan makes it across town just in time, only to discover that his uncle withheld certain key facts about who exactly he could expect to run into.  The unexpected reunion does not go well.

You don't want to do this. You really don't. )
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Way the fuck backdated to June 9th, the story of how Meggan got home, and what happened afterward...

No time... )

I used to know Amanda )

I'm just making the best of this I can )
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to: [Gavin, Jake]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Wisdom

Well, the motherfucker well and truly humped us. Just looking at the basics, I say at least half of our intel is down the drain permenantly. Remember what I said about field work? Well, it's on. I'll be back at the mansion in a few hours.

I want you to put together a list of contacts; safe, salvagable, and burned. We need to start shutting down nets and making sure that none of them are talking to the Hellfire Club. Also, what we can get from the outside contacts to put back in place. Between your contacts and mine, we can at least get some European coverage, but unless you got a fairy godmother to drop a working intel net on us, we're going to be down by half at best.

Oh, and loan me five dollars when I get in. Whether Xavier likes it or not, I'm taking a new contract.

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Posted a little early, because I'm not sure if I'm going to be at home at the right time.  Saturday night, Domino tracks Pete down in a bar in Boston, and the pair of them wish she hadn't.

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job/And heaven knows I’m miserable now )
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Pete encounters the team of X-men protecting Alphonso.
Nor dread nor hope attend )
Having taken the protection team down one at a time, There's just Alison left.  She's got a surprise for him.
A dying animal; )
There's no-one left but Alphonso and Pete.
A man awaits his end )
And now all that's left is picking up the pieces.
Dreading and hoping all; )
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Domino drags Amanda off, but it's not a New York bar they wind up in.  One last drink in Chicago, before it all hits the fan...

Looks like time's up )
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Backdated, because I'm a complete muppet and forgot to post it, despite it sitting there complete in the folder.  It's Remy's turn to track Pete down, and the conversation goes even worse than it did with Nate.

I ain't anyone's fucking role model )
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After a long talk with Charles, Scott has worked out what to do with Remy's information.  It's not much of a plan, but they don't have a lot of options.
OOC note: takes place around three pm, but I'm heading out, and won't be around to post it then.  Someone in medlab will get paged to Scott's office about ten minutes later, as soon as the cab is off the grounds

The Widening Gyre )
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Amanda checks in on Pete, as she has been since the news about his father. It's all about family.

But whatever else happens, you're stuck with me, OK? )
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Cue the wayback machine - Pete, Amanda, a pub and a lot of chat. Bonding of the scary kind. Set before Heiress Discordia, obviously...

I warn you now, he's old, evil, and smells bad. )
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Who is involved:Pete Wisdom, Jubilation Lee, Patches
Date: Thursday 6th November 2004 Time: 8:30pm
What Happens: Jubilee and Pete go on a little educational journey. There's snarkage, Jubilee proves she's spent way to much time in Manuel's company and the odd spot of ultra violence ensues.

Insert topical spiffy musical lyrics here. )
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Remy and Pete have a long overdue chat over a drink, last Friday, before the chaos of the weekend.

Not exactly a motto for de family shield )
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Sure, maybe he and Scott don't always  agree, but they've got more than a few traits in common.  Pete, Thursday night, when the house is quiet.

Work goes on )
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Nate and Pete, Dr. Maddy, Sam and Paige go rescue the furball.  Summaries as the logs go on.

Nathan, in search for the kids he's trying to rescue, comes across Morgan, and Morgan has a very, very, very bad day. Nate gets to kick a lot of ass. He's very good at that, did you notice?

Nate finds Morgan )

And now, Pete gets to kick some ass. He is also very good at this. Also, in case anyone might have been wondering, Pete is not a nice man at all.

Pete finds friends. Only not. )

Kyle is having such a bad day. Not as bad as some people, but its still not good. Nate rescues him, for interesting values of rescue, and Kyle has a wiggins and runs away. Run, Kyle, Run.

Nate finds Kyle. )

After Kyle goes on his runner, Nate goes looking for him. He doens't find him, he does find the other 5 kids. Unfortuanlty for them - and Nate - they're not really in a state to be rescued. Nate has cope failure.

Nate finds dead people. )

Sam's helicopter is being shot at. Sam is displeased. He and Paige and Dr. Maddy kick some ass. Kyle gets outside, and tries to kick Sam's ass, but gets tranqed in -his- ass.

Dr. Maddy's tranq gun finds Kyle's butt. )

Everyone goes to look for Nate. Paige picks the right place, and comes across.. a Nate. A not-well Nate. And some suspiciously body-shaped bags. Gah. More cope failure for Nathan.

Paige finds Nate! And the bodies. Eep. )


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