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Jean-Paul comes to pick up Johnny and Victor at the hospital. During the drive, he tells them some things they need to hear, even if they don't want to.

We are lucky it all turned out as well as it did. )
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When Johnny and Victor visit Darren in the hospital, he explains what happened with Ritchie and has a long overdue conversation with his son.

...Why are you doing this now? )
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Unable to sleep after their chaotic day, Johnny and Victor talk. One with more difficulty than the other.

Didn' work ou' like either of you wanned, but he thtill tried. )
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As promised, Johnny takes Victor to a play. It is truly horrendous, but sparks conversation and a well-deserved ice cream run.

...What did you think? )
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Johnny gets an invitation that may or may not have an ulterior motive behind it. Vic offers to go with.

Somehow, he had really expected more of the man. )
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Johnny tracks down Jean-Paul for some guidance on what do about his father's unexpectedly renewed interest in parenthood.

...he asked me to call him 'dad'. I think I almost choked on it. )


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