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Amanda and Topaz head into town to try and find the shop where the kids got the game. And find precisely nothing.

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Darcy and Topaz talk blind date annoyances and hypothetical revenge.

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Following on from this offer, Topaz and Artie deal with some business.

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Topaz and Kyle talk about Clint's team idea after a fighting lesson, and make plans of their own to help. Backdated to February 26.

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Marie-Ange finds a sleepy witch on her couch. And it's not even the one who actually lives there. Backdated to March 6, following the Avengers plot.

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Kurt finds Topaz coming back from a run, and the two chat.

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The girls recoup after the battle with the ice giants. Backdated to March 12.

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Topaz invites Hope over for some de-stressing. And drinking. Mostly for drinking.

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Molly and Topaz go out for calzones. They are reminded of past missions, and talk turns toward the future.

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Following the battle against the ice giant and draining her mentor's emotions, Topaz goes to check on her and finds even the strongest people have their hidden flaws. Backdated to very early Monday morning.

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