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Manuel soothes Cammie's aches and pains while talking to her all about the things she should have learned from her little experience.

And what other lessons have we learned from this? )
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Adrienne and the X-Men arrive at Brewster house and the hunt for Cammie. Unfortunately, there's very few other people in condition to be rescued...((slightly backdated))

I'm not afraid to die, the kingdom of God awaits me. )

Beast and 'Buttercup' go searching upstairs, where files are about to be burned...

Don't try to play stupid with me! We know exactly what you are! And we'll make sure that your kind pays! )

Iceman takes a more direct approach.

I-I-I'll never tell you a-a-anything. )

Kurt finally finds Cammie, not in the best condition she's ever been, but alive. And more than happy to see him.

You gonna be offended if I ask if I’m dreaming? )
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Cammie learns the hard way exactly what has been going on. ((Possible triggers, backdated due to illness))

Cammie's smart mouth doesn't do her any favors as 'purification' begins.

‘Know a godlier man than you, and he’s blue with a tail. )

The purification takes on more of a physical bent, testing Cammie in other ways. ((Warning: violence))

You keep Steve. Steve's an asshole. )
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Cammie goes to check one more time with people she knew just what is going on in Chicago...

The voices there are scared, so I don't want to go. )

When checking things out, however, Cammie ends up over her head.

Hail Satan. Devil’s army for the win. )
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Instead of heading home like she claimed, Cammie keeps working the streets looking for some info on what happened to her friend.

Maybe we can, heh, work something out. )
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Friday up and over, Cammie tries to convince Adrienne for more time. When that doesn't work, she tricks her way into more time.

Met the boy of your dreams and are staying to get married and move into a castle together, are you? )
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In the afternoon, Cammie skips out on work and Adrienne goes to find her to find out why.

I am my own damn god! )

Before fllying to Chicago, Cammie phones Kurt to inform him of the trip and the reason behind it.

All those people that you know... )

Cammie explains her relationship with her friend Amy while on the flight to Chicago.

I could buy myself a reason. )

The Chicago PD interviews Cammie after she identifies Amy's body and Cammie comes to understand the importance of her friend's case to the authorities, which she does not take well.

All those people that you know, floatin' in the river are logs. )

Back at the hotel, Adrienne agrees to read Amy's letter with her powers and afterwards, she and Cammie strike up a deal relating to their next move.

I'm gonna drown the ocean. )


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