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Tandy wakes up after being in the hospital for five days.

Tandy stirred as her eyes opened for the first time in several days now, following the first manifestation of her powers. Moving her hand to her forehead as she was still feeling very sick to her stomach and her head hurt like a ton of bricks fell on her. "Where am I?" Her voice was coarse and dry.

Michael sat forward in his chair next to Tandy's bed where he had been keeping a worried vigil over her. He hurriedly leaned forward to comfort his niece, "You're in the hospital Tandy, you had an...accident and we brought you here." he told her uncomfortably. "You've been in a coma for 5 days."

"Accident?" Tandy whispered and tried to sit up. "I don't...I was..." Looking over at her uncle. "I was out for 5 days?!" More like a yelling whisper. Her train of thoughts couldn't form words, it was slowly coming back to her.

Michael poured a glass of water handing it to Tandy and pushing her back in her bed. "Yeah, 5 days kiddo, you had me worried there."

Sitting up fully she took the glass of water and drank it all in one gulp. "I remember...I remember going after those men...and a bright light and then nothing. Did a bomb go off?"

"Something like that," Michael confirmed as he sat back in his chair. "All that matters is you and Alice are safe now." he said sincerely. "You just get your rest and recover. We'll talk about you attacking those men when we get you back to the church," the father said using a stern attitude to mask his relief and worry.

"Is my parents here?" She didn't even met his eyes on that one. Part of her hoped that her mother had come, a mother would come if their child was in a coma for five days right? Reaching up to her head and closed her eyes, she didn't look too well.

"You dad is here, he stepped out a few minutes ago." He looked sadly at the girl, he knew what she was hoping for and it broke his heart to be the one to tell her that her mother hadn't come down to visit her. He reached out and rested his hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry Tandy, your mother couldn't get away from work yet."

Her heart leaped when her Uncle said that her dad was there, maybe a chance? It dropped quickly when he put his hand on her shoulder. She didn't come. "Oh..." Tandy whispered and looked down. "Hey Uncle Michael, I am pretty hungry...is there anything that I could eat?" Changing the subject and looked up at him.

"Of course," Michael stood up and started for the door. "I wouldn't trust the food in this place," he confided, "but their sandwiches should be pretty safe. What's your pleasure kiddo?"

"Ham sandwich and cheese." Looking over at her Uncle with a small sad smile, "And maybe a fan? It is really hot in here."

"Of course," Michael told Tandy, "You wait right here, I won't be a minute." As he spoke he turned the handle and left the room, leaving Tandy alone with her thoughts.

Tandy watched as he left and looked down at her hands. Her vision started to blur a bit and she was feeling really hot. Tossing off her covers she stood up, but almost collapsed to the floor. Holding the bed for support,Tandy stabled herself and moved over to the door and looked out. Pausing she wrapped her arms around herself, it was burning her up. Waiting until the wave passed she looked down at her hands to see that they were starting to glow, in fact her entire body was glowing. It was growing brighter at a fast rate, Tandy screamed as the light exploded within her and daggers flew everywhere. After the light subsided, Tandy was in huddled in the corner. The daggers were growing bright as they stuck to the surface, but slowly they started to fade. At least she didn't feel hot anymore.

"They didn't have ham and cheese," Michael said as he walked back into the room carrying 2 sandwiches, "So I got you..." his eyes widened as he took in the state of the room. "Tandy!" he rushed over to her, "Are you ok?" he asked worriedly before calling through the still open door, "Philip! We need a nurse in here."

Phillip walked in next to him and nearly dropped the coffee, "Nurse right." He turned around. "NURSE NURSE!" As he ran down the hallway towards the nurses station. "Something happened to my daughter." The nurses got up, all of them, and started to run towards the room.

Tandy looked up at her uncle, "Yea I am fine. I feel better...I am not hot anymore." She whispered. "They didn't have ham and cheese?" Ignoring that the daggers were now fading and disappearing.

Michael glanced around the room, his eyes taking note of the fading daggers, "No kiddo, nothing" he replied distractedly. HE placed his hand on her forehead, it felt normal. "What do you mean not hot?" he asked as the nurses bustled into the room.

"I felt like I was burning up again Uncle Michael and then light happened and I feel fine." She said and looked over to see the nurses and then her dad in after them. She gave him a faint smile as they looked at each other, at least one parent cared enough.

Phillip walked over. "Is she okay?" Worried. He didn't see the fading daggers as his focus was on Tandy. Letting the nurses help Tandy up and getting her back to the bed.

Michael took hold of Philip's arm, pulling him over to the door where they could talk in private. "I just don't know," he confessed. "She talked of burning and the light, I might think it was a miracle but" he gestured to the room where the daggers had been, "that's not like any miracle I've heard off."

Phillip looked at his brother-in-law, "You don't think she could be a ..." He couldn't say it. Looking over at Tandy, "I mean it could be one reason. Do you know anything about her real father? Melissa doesn't mention him at all."

Tandy looked over at her Uncle and dad who were whispering, but was distracted with a nurse taking her temperature and saying she was normal, "I am hungry." She said, her stomach growled.

Michael bent down to pick up the sandwiches he'd dropped and tossed them to Tandy, "These are all they had, knock yourself out," he told his niece. He turned back to Philip lowering his voice as he answered the man, "Maybe," Michael temporized. "I don't really know much, Melissa doesn't really talk about it much. I know he was rich and left for India, not much more than that."

Catching the sandwich and she started to eat it, it wasn't ham and cheese but at this moment Tandy didn't care. "Thanks Uncle Michael." With a full mouth.

Phillip looked between his daughter and back to Michael. "So you know as much as I do. Maybe I can dig some stuff up when we get back to Ohio. I don't know what to do Michael, about Tandy. If she is...then we need to deal with the situation with caution. But once she is released from the hospital I will take her back to Ohio, you."

Michael looked over at the bed where Tandy was stuffing her face and smiled sadly, "Do you know my sister?" he asked Philip. "She isn't going to take this well." He turned to look at his brother-in-law "What do you mean 'with caution?" he asked his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

He gave him the look of 'point taken' and looked back at Tandy. "Meaning...that I don't want Tandy to feel any different especially if it does turn out she is special. She'll need support and I'll always be there for her, regardless if it turns out she is special." Phillip really hated the M word, but he didn't make it sound like she was special in the special sense.

Tandy finished her sandwich and looked over at her uncle and dad, "Talking about me? I am a grown girl, you can come over here and just tell me how it is. I am a mutant right? That explains the light and the daggers, right?"

Michael gestured for the nurses to leave the room. "Maybe kiddo," he said coming to stand by Tandy's bed. "Let's not rush into anything kiddo, there could be other explanations. It could be a miracle or..." His voice trailed off and he looked at Tandy apologetically, "Seems like it."

Tandy gave her uncle the look of 'Really? A miracle?' Sighing a bit and looking at her dad and then back to her uncle. "When can I leave? I feel loads better."

Phillip looked over at Tandy and moved over to her, standing on the other side of her. "Soon." Was all he said. "Just rest and I’ll see if the doctors can release you into my care.”

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