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Reed and Sue spend the night talking after Reed's meeting with NASA

The ride back to the hotel from NASA Headquarters was quiet. Normally, Reed encouraged at least some conversation from Sue, but this time, he had a lot to process. Staring out the window, he barely noticed when they arrived back at the hotel, or when they walked into their suite. It wasn't until Sue mentioned she was going to take a shower that Reed actually realized where he was. The implications of what NASA was offering him were tremendous. Him. Dr. Reed Richards. Responsible for managing most of the special projects to do with Trappist-1.
His fingers itched to get to the proverbial drawing board: he wanted to create, to put all his ideas forward, to build a rocket ship that could support life outside of this galaxy. The theoretics were mindblowing, and it was so hard for him to shut his mind down. His fingers undulated in length as he focused more of thinking than his body. It wasn't until he realized he was sliding down the chair that he firmly took grasp and stood up. A shower would help him clear his mind.
An hour later, he emerged into the common area of the suite, hair wet, wearing a luxurious bathrobe. He couldn't be bothered to look for clothes. Noticing a spread of food on the table, he gave an approving nod. "When did we last eat, Sue? Thank you for thinking of this."

A pair of bright blue eyes peered up at him from a spot on the couch where the blonde was leaning back wrapped in a robe of her own. The blonde hairs was damp and tousled, a towel draped over her shoulders. She stretched her arms up over her head, a sigh of pleasure escaping her mouth as she grinned at the man. After a whole day listening to NASA woo you, but you think they could remember to actually bring some food. I mean I know you try, but even you need to eat something at some time." She gestured in the direction of the table, the surface buried under a plethora of plates, "I'm not sure what you wanted to eat...so I ordered everything I could think of."

"As long as you ordered something you can enjoy too," Reed stated honestly. "I have a debt of gratitude to extend to you. Accompanying me to this event..well...it was very reassuring and grounding to have you with me during this." He gave a little head nod. "Thank you, Susan. Since I met you, I have found my life to be fuller."

"I..." that wasn't the normal over dinner conversation Sue expected to have, and for a moment the blonde found herself caught speechless as her gaze focussed on the man, "You're welcome Reed, it's been interesting having you around," she admitted, a smile pulling at her lips. Her blue eyes tracked over his face, blinked as she pushed herself to her feet, "Don't worry, I wouldn't order anything that I didn't like," she assured him, "the burger is totally mine."

Reed shook his head. "I don't know if you really understand what I'm trying to say here." He sighed. "I've been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I chose to bring you here with me. That has to mean something more than 'interesting'. You agreed to come."

Sue turned to face the man, wrapping her arms around her stomach, pulling the robe tighter against herself, the rough edge rubbing against her skin as she stared at Reed. "Of course I agreed to come, you asked me and said you wanted me to be there. Wild horses wouldn't have kept me away if you needed me," her blue eyes traced over his face as she considered him for a moment. "Why did you ask me to come? It's not like I can help with the negotiations, thats too much of a conflict of interests."

"Because I want you here," was his answer. "I want you to share this moment. This is the pinnacle of my career. Before you, I was considered too much of a wild card to be properly courted. Companies were worried about the increased insurance, and the lack of usable prototypes. I am at heart a theoretical scientist. What I make, I do because I wonder if I can. I have a very hard time looking at my experiments with the financial lens most investors have." He approached the table and pulled out a chair directly in front of Sue. "You have impacted my life since the moment I saw you, Susan. Every thing I do, I think of you first. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this, but I think I have to say it. It's been long enough." He reached out, and pulled her hands into his. "I love you, Susan Storm."

It was cliched, and if there was one thing Sue hated more than anything else in the world it was being cliche...but even so...she squeaked, an audible sound accompanied by the immediate widening of her eyes and slow, almost glacial drop of the burger she was holding. Her blue eyes dropped down helplessly onto the plate in front of her, the carefully constructed power spilling and breaking apart. Sue tried to speak again, still not having much luck as she forced herself to take a deep breath and look at the man. She'd wanted him to do something but...this was... A fond smile touched her lips, this was, honestly, it was very Reed, no playing around or working up to it but she hadn't quite expected. "Are you sure Reed? You barely know me...I mean we haven't even really been on a date. This is the first time we've really been together away from work and..." The young woman looked down at the bathrobe she was wearing and pulled it tighter around herself, her face flushing. Damn it she wasn't this person but, "This isn't exactly how I thought this would happen," she admitted wryly."

Reed looked at her excitedly. "But that means you've thought about it. So I'm not the only one with these feelings." Full of nervous energy, he started to pace around the room. "I don't need to date you to know how amazing you are. I've spent almost every single day of the last two years with you, either at work or the mansion. I know your likes, your dislikes, your routine, your behaviours....and there's nothing you do that I don't enjoy. Nothing." He stopped suddenly and looked at her. "I know how I feel. And I'm willing to wait forever for you."

"Uhhm," the blonde flushed and looked down, unable to stop the hint of pink that colored her cheeks as bright blue eyes peered up at the man through the long strands of hair falling down over her face. "Well, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't thought about it before," she admitted with a couch, taking a deep breath as she peered up at him. She could feel the rough fibrous surface of her robe rubbing across her skin as she turned looking straight at hi. "Although Reed, that's just the littlest bit stalkerish," she looked up at him and smiled, shaking her head fondly, "when you're telling this story to someone else, let's leave that part out but..." She fell silent, giving him a long look as memories, some recent and some older danced across her mind's eye, "maybe we can try it out. A proper real date not a hotel room buffet."

Reed finally noticed the room and gave a small smile. "Oh. Right." He looked around sheepishly. "I suppose I could have picked a better opportunity. You said that earlier, didn't you, and yet I didn't notice." He gave an apologetic shrug. "I am not the most observant at times, and I apologize for that. Again. I think I'll apologize for this many times over the course of our courtship. In addition," he added, "I am not a wealthy man. In fact, to say I am drowning in debt would be an understatement. I will never be able to take you on excursions that you deserve. I hope that's alright."

Sue arched an eyebrow, a soft smile touching her lips as she leant back into the embrace of her chair. Her hands came up, the white robe shifting along as she giggles. "Reed, look where we are, we're at NASA, I think that's as great an excursion as anyone could ask for."

Reed matched her smile. "This is why you're so special. You appreciate things other women wouldn't.". Taking notice of the food for the first time, he furrowed his brow. "The food is getting cold. And you're in a bathtub.". Something clicked. "This was an inappropriate time to do this. I apologize. Please, eat. We should eat."
The man was so straightforward, so disarmingly earnest that Sue couldn't help but be charmed, couldn't help the soft giggle that spilled from her lips, "I'm not sure there ever is such a thing as a good time," she pointed out with a fond smile, "I think you take the moment where you find it...otherwise we'd be waiting another year or two for the perfect time."


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