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In the open plains below the city of Troy, Sharon and Logan dressed in the battle gear they had stumbled upon earlier cause a ruckus and face off against Hector and Aeneas, heroes of legend.

Logan stalked out into the middle of the open plain below the cliffs of Troy and roared out a challenge. Shouts rose up from the tents closest to the battlefield on either side and the sounds of men hurrying to dress for battle consumed the quiet. Horses were readied and then turned toward them. Logan glanced toward the Greek camp. They were in defensive postures, unsure if they were being attacked by the Trojans or if another faction of the Greeks were launching an offensive. He pounded the metal shield with a fist and the resulting clang resonated through the air. If this wasn't enough of a distraction, Logan didn't know what was.

A high undulating sound filled the air, soon joined by the clopping of hooves over the plain as Sharon galloped forward. Bronze armor covered a brown leather tunic and her hair was loose behind her. In her hands were a bow and arrow and she easily lanced an arrow towards some of the Greeks organizing their phalanx.

The Greeks definitely posed a higher threat especially if their heroes decided to step forward onto the battlefield, but since they were dressed in Greek armor and gear he hoped they would simply take a wait and see approach. Logan watched the Trojan lines carefully, waiting to see who would step forward. He didn't have to wait long as a warrior that had a regal bearing stepped forward onto the open plain.

His armor shone even under moonlight and his horsehair helm stood upright. He didn't tear his gaze away from Logan and Sharon. As he strode toward them, another warrior rode up beside him on a horse. He was decked out in less fine armor but one that was still well taken care of. The marks of successful battle shone in the scuffs and dents that hadn't fully been hammered out. The horse's gear matched his rider's in craftsmanship and battle scars.

This was going to be an interesting battle. Logan hoped they had no powers. Things were already going to be intense as it was.

Sharon reined in her horse and tucked away her bow, standing up in her stirrups and called out: "Who comes to challenge us?" She drew her sword and held it out in challenge to the man seated on the horse.

"You Greeks." The man  on his horse shook his head. "Becoming bolder and bolder everyday. So anxious for some of your countryman to be cut down."

"Enough, Aeneas. Both sides have shed enough blood for a conflict that was none of our choosing," said the one with regal bearing. "I am Hector of Troy." He paused to look them both over. "Have you not taken enough from us already? Has not the siege of Troy done more to bolster the fortunes of the Greeks than it has the Trojans?"

It was like the swell of sorrow and anger leaked out of Hector and into the ground as it rumbled and rolled under their feet. Hector clenched his fist and the ground stilled. "As my duty commands me, I will face you and bring honor to Troy."

"Aeneas is mine." Sharon hissed to Logan, before sitting up. "Be glad we offer you the chance to spare your men!" She called out. "Victory will be ours, but it will be up to you how it will come about." Directing her horse more away from Logan she was not surprised to see Aeneas directing his horse in the same direction she went.

Logan nodded assent absently. He was more focused on Hector striding toward him with intent in his eyes. His shield was up and his sword was pointed at Logan. It wasn't enough that they had to deal with physical combat, nope, he also had to deal with the ground being highly unstable since now Hector had no reason to withhold his powers. The only saving grace Logan had as they charged toward each other was that his enhanced reflexes let him counter the wobbling of the ground under his feet. He roared another challenge as Hector's sword struck against his shield and his claws struck against Hector's. The battle had begun.

They darted around each other, landing clanging thwacks of the metal against shields or the leather armor they both wore. Logan had ducked and weaved and sometimes stumbled as a result of the continual rumbling of the ground. It was significant enough to make him nauseous if his adrenaline wasn't already going.

Sharon felt her horse becoming upset from the shuddering earth nearby and suddenly it reared up, whinnying loudly. Sharon clamped down with her legs and as soon the horse had returned to it's feet she loosened her legs from the stirrups and jumped up in the saddle. Letting out another high pitched yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi she launched herself at Aeneas with a somersault, hitting him in the chest with both.

Hitting the ground she continued to roll until she got to her feet and gathered her sword back up. On the other side Aeneas had down the same, both horses galloping away from the weirdly acting ground. Sharon darted forward, testing a small stroke to see how he'd react.

Aeneas easily parried, raising an eyebrow as he did so. Sharon shrugged in reply and struck again, this time coming in low. Once again her stroke was easily blocked

Finally Aeneas took the initiative himself and Sharon found she had to step back, the strokes coming too fast for her to block. A cut to her upper right arm drew first blood. Quickly taking another small step backward, Sharon let out another high pitched yiiyiyiyiyiyi, crouched down just a little and jumped up, tucking her herself into a somersault over Aeneas' head.

She twisted in mid air so she could land on both feet and immediately launched a spinning kick at unprotected back. Get the sword away from him and they'd be on far more even ground. So when he hit the ground, on his hands and knees she stepped on his hand, putting weight on it till he let go and kicked the sword away. Stepping away to let him get to his feet, an evil grin slit over her face. "Sorry about that. Figured it'd be good to get the sharp pointy things out of the way."

"What? Afraid to say you got beaten by a woman?" She continued to taunt him. "No wonder Troy looks to be loosing the battle." That finally did it and he charged at her again. Once more she flipped out of his way, planting a kick towards the back of his knee and sending him to the ground yet again.

This way she'd be able to keep him busy a good long time and hopefully keep herself in one piece.

While this was going on, Logan was dealing with Hector who was easily parrying his own attacks and striking back at Logan with equal ferocity. It was a pitched battle with them both moving back and forward across the ground with little give. They were both flecked with blood and dirt kicked up by their feet and the heaving ground.

The Greeks on the edge of the battlefield hadn't edged any closer but they were cheering on the fight. They didn't know who the Trojans were fighting but that they were being driven hard in the battle was all that mattered to them along with the fact that none of their own lives were being risked.

The ground was really rolling now and Logan wasn't quite as sure on his feet as he was at the start. He was beginning to tire and maybe that was Hector's strategy. He shook the sweat out of his eyes. It didn't matter. As long as they kept both sides distracted enough for Kurt and the others to make it over the wall that's all they needed.

He charged at Hector again, slinging the shield over his back, so he could use both claws. The shield may have been slowing him down and this was how he was more used to fighting anyway. He bared his teeth in a grimace as Hector brought down his sword with both hands toward Logan. He blocked them with his claws crossed in an X and roared again as he shoved Hector back from him.

Logan wobbled in a run after him as the ground continued to roil. Hector's powers had no end to them it felt like. He had to run out of steam at some point. They circled each other as yells from Sharon and Aeneas punctuated the air. Then they charged again and Logan managed to catch his claws under Hector's shield, yanking it out of his hands and throwing it far from them. "I fight better with my hands," Logan said.

Hector didn't acknowledge the words. He simply gripped his sword with both hands and they circled each other again.

This was going to be a prolonged battle and winning was going to be hard fought. The others better hurry it the hell up. He and Sharon were good at what they did but that would only last so long.


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