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The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

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Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out.

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Visiting a local comic convention Molly and Stephen run into a mini me situation.

Molly Hayes, Cultural Ambassador. )
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Stephen and Clea have lunch and talk about girls and cooties.
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Alison, Rahne, and Tabitha try to do a good deed when they find a lost child. And regret the choice pretty quickly.

Do you need help finding your parents? )

After seeing the girls disappear, Clea and Stephen gather any available GenXers, and the group ends up with an unusual ally.

Do you know how many horror movies start out this way? What could possibly go wrong? )
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Stephen fulfills his punishment for messing around in the library. And Topaz proves why she shouldn't actually be alone with magical children. Backdated to January 23.

Maybe I could animate Amanda's board and markers so she doesn't have to write everything out in magic class. )
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Topaz and Jean-Paul find themselves unexpected allies in the face of water damage in the library.

That's what a microwave is for, Stephen. )
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Sharon catches Stephen playing with a football and challenges him to a kick about, oh and they talk about magic and power.

think Harry Potter, but no wands or you know verbal spells, so basically nothing like that )


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