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After they get home, Angel tells Sooraya bad news...

Trigger alert: Discussion of child fatality  

It's not fair... )
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Following Moreau’s defeat, and a long shower on her part to clean up after a week’s grime, Meggan heads for Kurt’s hotel room—where she learns the sad news of Rachel, and they grieve together.

Moreau... wanted to punish us, for fighting and not cooperating like good little prisoners. He had already taken Rachel, perhaps as another bargaining chip, but... he decided to make her a mutate. )
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In their hotel room, Kyle and Dori discuss the events of Genosha and a few other very important topics. Something is lost, something is gained. Backdated to last night

If I lost you... I... )
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Following the battle and medical attention, several members of Xavier meet with what remains of the Genoshan leadership.

Grow. Move on and build a better system. )
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With people getting things sorted out at the hotel the Genoshans have put everyone up at Adrienne realizes something is still missing. Or, rather, someone.

No James. She must have changed mimics. )
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Haller catches up to Jean after the battle. Jean has unresolved issues with him over what happened at the Citadel.

Warning: Indirect mention of child's death.

Scott got captured and tortured because of you? )
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After the dust settles, Layla and Sarah find each other, and that's all that matters, for that moment at least.

I missed you. )


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