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The X-Men follow Beetle and Vulture to their hideout where Rhino is waiting for them along with three massive death robots!

Robots. I can break those. Let me break them. I want to see who cries. )

The X-Men split up to take down the Sentinels. Firestar, Cyclops, and Spider-Man vs. the Rhino!

Robots aren't even supposed to harm people! That's Asimov's first rule of robotics. That should go for Russian cyborgs, too! )

Rogue and Wolverine vs. the Beetle!

Can I just say, you take me to the best places? )

Marvel Girl and Blink vs. the Vulture!

This is the plot to bad porn! )

The Sentinels have one last trick up their sleeve, though.

Giants robots explodin'. Just what the world needed more of. )
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Kane, Kitty and Logan arrange for all three mutants to be taken for medical treatment before quietly leaving the scene.

Reversing mutations. Worst effects or not, what could that mean for the mansion? )
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The X-Men have their first contact with Death Adder and find themselves facing the mutants that freed him in the first place.

Looks like we need to tackle the two big uglies. )
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Logan, Sharon and Julian venture down through the tunnel in the lab into the sewers, only to discover a researcher from the project with some bad news about their 'subject'

And what the hell are you hunting that you need something that looks armor piercing ammo? )
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Logan and Wade meet up to see who found the most items on their list of random items requested by people inside and outside of the mansion. Then food.

How the hell do we know all these weirdos, anyway? )


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