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Rogue visits Jean while she is recuperating from the Shadow King battle in the Box and tries to cheer her up.

I'm not going to say it's going to be okay, because we never know, but I will say that you can get through this. )
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Rogue helps Sooraya work through some emotions related to the lynching incident. 

Trigger warning: some discussion of the aftermath of the incident.  )
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Jean and Rogue have a girls' night, but Rogue nearly loses it when Jean talks about the new guy she's seeing.

It was a lame attempt at a tease, but Rogue couldn't really say 'you sure he's not Satan?' )
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Rogue and Jean are stuck in their respective suites with a case of food poisoning. They communicate their misery through walkie talkies.

He said it's my own fault. Jackass. )
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Gabriel and Rogue hang out in the boathouse and gripe about responsibility, kind of.

It's fun, like a weird puzzle that half the world hates )
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Jean comes in to try and support the fight against the Hulk with Rogue.

We can't keep doing this, )
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Marie and Garrison talk well into the drinks on Christmas Eve

I asked for a pony. )
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Jean and Rogue have a drink at the Christmas Eve party at Harry's. Jean gives Rogue her X-Mas gift...a hot guy coloring book.
True dat, sistah. We are surrounded by ridiculously good-looking people. It's our cross to bear. )
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Garrison and Marie visit the local Labour Day Fair. Marie once again deals with his one track mind.

Oh, that one you put on in the bar. And some guy made liver ice cream or something. )
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The X-Men follow Beetle and Vulture to their hideout where Rhino is waiting for them along with three massive death robots!

Robots. I can break those. Let me break them. I want to see who cries. )

The X-Men split up to take down the Sentinels. Firestar, Cyclops, and Spider-Man vs. the Rhino!

Robots aren't even supposed to harm people! That's Asimov's first rule of robotics. That should go for Russian cyborgs, too! )

Rogue and Wolverine vs. the Beetle!

Can I just say, you take me to the best places? )

Marvel Girl and Blink vs. the Vulture!

This is the plot to bad porn! )

The Sentinels have one last trick up their sleeve, though.

Giants robots explodin'. Just what the world needed more of. )


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