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Warren and Lorna go out for a flight, and talk about nothing in particular. For once, Warren is appropriate and Lorna isn't.

Lorna flew down next to him, Aww Warren. You think I am innocent? That is so sweet. )
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Warren and Sue spend some time trapped in a car talking about their love lives...or lack of such.

Don't mess this up for me. I'm rich, I don't know how to do things for myself. )
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Domino and Warren get up to shenanigans under the full moon; Dom calls in a favour.

Read more... )
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Backdated to 14th April 2017

Maya finally manages to track Warren down and demand a job.

I don't even know who you are, therefore we should end this conversation before you get offended. Good bye. )
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Making good on his offer to donate money, Warren stops by the hospital to check out his investment.

This is why you're the doctor and I'm not. )
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Quentin and Warren have a downright cordial discussion about their lives as mutants. The drug use might have facilitated this.

Everyone ought to have a passion in life, even if that passion is fratricide. )
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Bobbi gets Warren ready for the big business meeting they'd been prepping for the whole time in Japan.

How about you find us somewhere ridiculously expensive and after I close this deal tomorrow, we go and celebrate? We can do anything you want. )

After the meeting goes well they celebrate, which goes a little farther than either of them anticipated.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. )
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Warren shows up to the end-of-summer party with a rather unique host gift for Gabriel.

A remarkable likeness, isn't it? )
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Arthur, Bobbi, Jessica, and Warren go out for a few beverages after work in celebration of Bobbi's birthday earlier that week. They commandeer the jukebox and put on whatever they want.

You can be the construction worker. I'll be the police man. )


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