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Wanda tracks down Madelyn so she can get her goodbye's in proper like. Which include going to Harry's and having a few drinks for old times sake.

Here's to wacky high-jinks )
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Moira goes looking for Madelyn to wish her a happy birthday and finds out the other doctor is at the end of her rope, so she shows her that there are always option.

Happy Birthday )
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Backdated all the way back to the eleventh, Hank and Maddie talk about new job offers and staying together

Run away with me. )
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Haroun's getting a neuroconductivity exam when he finally meets Marius. They hit it off quite nicely, and Madelyn is insulted in langugages she does and does not speak.

And I know that accent. Where you from, boy? )


Oct. 12th, 2005 01:27 pm
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Responding to Marie-Ange's vision, Betsy, Jake, and Madelyn go hunting for Remy and find him on the floor of the warehouse. They learn what he's found, even as they rush to try and stop his seemingly envitable death.

Revelations )
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Nathan finds Jean in the sunroom. They talk a little about his trip, before Nathan has one of his episodes and manages to tell Jean to look at the Askani. Which she does - and sees something very shocking.

Those dreams about Santiago keep coming back... )

It's Madelyn's turn to run him through the machines that go ping, and when he tells her about what happened with the Askani, she makes a connection.

Stars in a night sky. They all fell while Jean was watching. I've been waiting for them to do that. )
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OOC note: This starts around 9am and concludes in the afternoon around 6pm.

The beginning of the end ; Jean, Maddie, Hank and Dr. Hawksmoor prepare to begin the surgery to remove Haroun's existing cyberware in its entirety. Along the way Maddie finds telepathy does have its benefits.


On this medical battlefield... )

Scenes from a surgery. Alison watches and listens, while around her drama unfolds.


For as long as it might take. )

Hours later, there's the mop-up, and time for relief.


All right, big guy, let's get you back in the tank so you can rest up for your big day. )
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On her way home after finishing work for the night, Jean catches Alison actually outside the medlab. They don't talk, and it works for them.

Backdated to the 21st.

Thanks for the cocoa. It smells divine. )
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Remy, Betsy, and Maddie are brought to medlab. Moira tries to decipher what has happened while Clarice offers to help just when all hell breaks loose.

Pretty flutterby's )


Jean finds herself within Betsy's mind, it's not all flowers and candy.

The Secrets We Keep )


While attending to Haroun, Alison finds herself in another hospital room with a scared little girl.

Everyone was screaming. )


Jubilee finds herself on the other end of a focused psionic projection and doesn't win. At a wake and far from home, she is the only protection against one creepy woman.

Tragic. Utterly tragic. )


The journey continues, as Jean finds herself talking to Betsy, or better yet, a representation of her.

Citadel )


Forge is not immune to what is occuring at the school. And it would seem, he is meant to see something.

Curiouser and Curiouser. )


Finally breaking through the block, we see what really happened the night Betsy's parent's died.

In darkness. Truth. )

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Time is of the essence, as Maddie and Remy take the long drive into New York. All the while, not sure what they'll find.

Retrieval )


Betsy finds herself at the school, confused. She also finds her brother there. It's definitely not a coma.

Change. )


Unconscious and dragged into the mindscape of one very sick telepath. Remy and Maddie are stuck in a psychic loop.

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth )

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After attempting to scan Nathan's mind, Jean comes back to let Madelyn know the truth of what's going on.

It never rains but it pours. )
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Scott brings Madelyn breakfast. Dinner. Whatever. It's food, and there's non-medical conversation.

Who watches the watchmen? )
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Watching the news as part of the 'responsible adult' thing before indulging in shameless cute, Hank and Maddie catch the FOH rally.

Does that look like a stress-manifestation to you? )


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