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After attempting to scan Nathan's mind, Jean comes back to let Madelyn know the truth of what's going on.

It never rains but it pours. )
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Scott brings Madelyn breakfast. Dinner. Whatever. It's food, and there's non-medical conversation.

Who watches the watchmen? )
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Watching the news as part of the 'responsible adult' thing before indulging in shameless cute, Hank and Maddie catch the FOH rally.

Does that look like a stress-manifestation to you? )
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Backdated to last week because I'm a moron and forgot to post it.

Madelyn meets with Terry about the FBI and careers therein. More meetings are promised.

So, the FBI, huh? )
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Madelyn wanders by and stops for a chat with her gym buddy. As conversation proceeds, it's obvious she's aware of a secret being kept, but respects Alison's right to keep it. A challenge is made.

Got time for a break, or should I go away and pester the kids some more about the perils of sun cancer? )
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Nathan reports as ordered to make sure that catching the plane did not in fact sprain his brain. He and Maddie talk a bit about yesterday's mission, then banter, and she subjects him to not just the EEG but the MRI as well. Red-headed doctors and their thoroughness...

And good morning to you, Mr Sunshine. )
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Nathan reaches out to the closest mind he can trust for help. He doesn't have to reach all the way to the mansion.

For there are deeds which have no form, sufferings which have no tongue. -Shelley )

Bridge gets Nathan back to the mansion. At first, Nathan makes a beeline for the Box, but then manages to pull himself together. Madelyn finishes the first-aid job Bridge started and is the first at the mansion to find out what happened. Symmetry isn't always such a wonderful thing.

So long as children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world. -Duncan )
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Madelyn comes across Jubilee in the gym, and things are awkward, given their last exchange about the trip to visit Hank's parents. But sometimes all there needs to be for a bridge to be built is for someone to reach out. And someone to take the hand offered. Ends with theraputic violence.

So, do you think you could handle sparring with a broken-down old doctor? )
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Madelyn's on night shift, and checks in on Nathan and his family. He's a touch loopy, but very, very happy.

This is what it's all about. )
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Madelyn and Haroun gossip like old women over cheese fries, pool, and drinks at Harry's. Backdated to just after Ricochet.

You really do like to play with fire, don't you? )
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Upon receiving Jean's email, Doctors 1 and 3 discuss what is to be done. The voice of reason prevails.,

Besides, living where we do, there will be crises for all, I'm sure. )
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Meeting the 'in-laws', part 1, Friday night: Madelyn and Edna get a chance to talk in the oldest way - they do the dishes and gossip.

If you value your sanity, my dear, never let him get bored. You'll wake up the next morning and find him building a working model of a spaceship in the living room. )

Saturday afternoon - meet the 'in-laws' part 2. Norton tracks Maddie down in the middle of feeding Billy, and is pleased to note the pretty doctor likes babies too.

There. No more icky milk burp. )
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Nathan's back from San Francisco, and Madelyn has a few very pointed things to say to him. She gives him some food for thought. He's not particularly happy about it, but he listens.

Back to reality. )
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Hank and Maddie have an evening alone together, uninterrupted, for the first time in quite a long time. There are confessions, issues are raised and dealt with... and they finally take that next step in their relationship.

I think, if we stick to the previously instituted policy of complete honesty about our relationship, we'll be all right. )
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Scott isn't the only one concerned about Jean's state of mind - Madelyn confronts her in her usual blunt style, and the result isn't quite what she'd expected.

Bedside manners are for wimps... )
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Backdated to Monday morning. Nathan fills Madelyn in on how the meting with Saul went. She has some plans of her own to check up on things, and some advice for him. Nathan continues to deal rather well with the situation.

Three sides to every story? Wouldn't it be funny if we dug up some former residents and they told us that my--that Saul and I were both wrong? )


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