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Jim visits Lorna in the sickbay after the Fury mission and makes sure she eats something.

But just so you know, I'm not taking off my shirt )
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Lorna and Matt meet the newest resident of Xavier's, Jessica Jones. Then Matt gives her a little tour.

I didn't mean to get all uppity at you )
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Lorna and North have an adventure. Filled with poker, drinking, bar fights, golf, and some blacking out and waking up on the lawn with Scott looking down at them.

That's me...impressin' as I go )
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Before Deli-CAT-essen opens for business, Catseye voices some fears and Clint gives her the reassurance she needs.

And if they get ideas in their heads about causing more trouble? We've got some pretty awesome friends who wouldn't mind stopping by to keep things civil. Y'know, black leather suits and all. But I don't think it'll come to that. )

Brunch/Lunch (Sue/Vanessa) - placeholder

Sarah and Sooraya meet at the deli for sandwiches and Sarah thwarts some protesters with her powers.

Not like we can do much about it... Unless. )

Molly decides to help out the deli by bussing tables in roller skates and Cecelia helps her clean up the mess that ensues.

Sometimes I think some people hate people cause they're bored. )

Angel and Hope find a fun way to help disperse protesters and discuss mutant dietary needs which leads to Hope's idea to write a book on hosting a dinner party for mutants.

Excuse me, are you questioning my level of savedness? Because I can assure you, I've been saved. I've been so saved, my savedness is an aura that extends out and encompasses everyone around me, saving them in association! )

Supper/Late Evening (Jean/Logan) - placeholder

Kurt and Lorna make a doggy date and Lorna gets a teleport home when the deli finally closes for the night.

To long life, dogs and to Cat's awesome opening day. )
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Lorna is leaving when she bumps into Remy and spills the beans. Remy isn't too sure and asks her to do a re-test.

You figure that one out and I will cook you dinner for a year )
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Angel finds Lorna indulging in a little too much wine, and they talk about the recent revelations in Lorna's life. (Backdated to May 3)

It is so hard breaking habits and don't want to restart them again. )


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